• I’m not sure if you guys watch Bill Cunningham’s “On the Street” videos regularly like you SHOULD, but you should at least watch this one! About Halloween! And then remember to watch all of them in the future, and also remember to watch Bill Cunningham New York on Netflix.-NYT
  • At Splitsider, they ranked every “Treehouse of Horror” Simpsons segment from worst to best. There are a lot of them! You should take a look at this just to be amazed at how many rankings there are. -Splitsider
  • They’re talking about their favorite “Treehouse of Horror” segments at Salon, too! Great. -Salon
  • FilmDrunk caught up with the Mr. T baby for a fantastic behind-the-scenes Mr. T baby look! A must-read for all Mr. T baby fans. -FilmDrunk
  • Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake did another “History of Rap” rap on Late Night. They just did one of those, I feel like! Guys, c’mon. I think you should have waited at least two more months. But they didn’t wait and here it is. Watch it! If you want! -Stereogum
  • Do you know it takes walking three miles to burn off the calories in a single can of soda? That sounds kind of like bologna to me and I’m sure it’s different for everybody, but THAT’S A LOT! Also: Soda is gross and the worst. So, please stop drinking soda. Don’t the bubbles make your mouth feel terrible? Just quit it. Here is a video about it. -TheDailyWhat
  • Lindsay Lohan’s teeth are better, not that it’s any of our business. I need all new teeth. I wish I were rich so I could just get a completely new set of teeth. -TheSuperficial
  • Have you seen the video of this bride texting at her wedding? What’s going on here? I mostly refuse to believe that she is just texting. Maybe she has a loved one far away or in the hospital and she was like, “I’ll text you during the ceremony.” Because it was important to them. Right? Do you feel bad now that you judged her? -Dlisted
  • Here are photos from the set of Gossip Girl. Remember when Gossip Girl mentioned Deadline last week? It is my dream to have Gossip Girl mention Videogum. How can we get them to do that? What does it take? I’m sure Dan reads Videogum. Possibly even Nate. -Celebuzz
  • Based on everything I’ve ever read from her, I don’t think I’d like Michelle Williams in real life. But. She is so cute! -JustJared
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  1. Since it’s Halloween and all, I just want to make the case that we should all be watching Grimm. It’s very entertaining and people from Buffy/Angel are writing it and also it’s always filming down my street. I know it’s on Friday, but it’s really good. Or the pilot was. I just want this show to live a nice life, you guys. I really do.

  2. I love how obvious it is that Lindsay Lohan paid for her new teeth with her Playboy money. She could have waited a couple weeks at least. Now every time someone sees her smile, they will think of her “classy” photoshoot with Hugh.

  3. I would say that Dan and Nate both definitely read Videogum. And I bet Serena even visits once in a while, if only to watch all the pretty GIFs move.

  4. My favorite line from any Treehouse of Horror is from the one with Xena. At some point, Xena starts flying, and the characters cry out, “Hey! Xena can’t fly!” Xena then replies, “I know, I’m Lucy Lawless.”

  5. It is, at this point, the appropriate time to finally reveal that djfreshie is, in fact, the character Nate from that show Gossip Girl you all seem to like so much.

  6. Kelly-

    Re: Soda bubbles hurting your mouth.

    Are you my mother?

  7. No history of rap is complete without a nod to David Faustino.

  8. Splitsider is absolutely correct – the time-travel sketch from Treehouse of Horror V might be the all-time classic Simpsons moment.

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