Herman Cain appeared on Face the Nation over the weekend to clear up some misconceptions brought on by his super normal smoking Mark Block campaign ad. Apparently he doesn’t think smoking is cool? But I already bought so many cigarettes! #pizzaprez

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  1. Sp, now what am I going to do with all of these Cain4Prez tobacco and nicotene-stuffed-crust pizzas?

  2. Bob Schieffer came across pretty badly, I thought. Kinda hysterical.

  3. Well someone just lost my *COUGH*COUGH* HACK*COUGH*… vote

  4. If smoking isn’t cool, then why is it so fun to pretend that my free order of bread sticks is a box of cigars?

  5. All this smoking bs is funny and all, but it’s obscuring the real issues. I get that it is amusing, but this is a pretty important thing we’re talking about and the only thing that seems to capture anyone’s attention is a weird ad. It’s time for people to stop being distracted by shiny things and think about what matters. For instance: is Herman Cain going to select Little Caesar as his running mate, or what?

  6. but the smokers get more breaks at work….

  7. it’s good he’s telling kids it isn’t cool. he still needs to say that sexual harassment isn’t “totally radical” though

  8. I thought the 9/9/9 plan was 9 cigarettes, every 9 minutes, 9 days a week. In related news, I need to go to the hospital.

  9. Thank God Herman Cain will never know how much they smoke in Uzbekistan, where it is, who its leader is, or how vitally important it is to U.S. defense interests in the region.

  10. Jesus, which diabetes delivery method does he prefer?

  11. “This is awesome! Bob Schieffer is my spirit animal!”

    -Jason Linkins, writing about Schieffer telling Herb Cain to “Say it, say it now!”

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