Happy Halloween! Obviously, as adults, most of us did our celebrating over the weekend. How was it? Great? How did your “Sexy Steve Zisou” costume go over? Glad to hear it. But just because we might be emotionally “over” Halloween doesn’t make today not be Halloween, and I’m not saying it’s any better to dwell on the past, but what I am saying is let’s at least give a nod towards this, the most sacred day of the year, with some good old fashioned COVER SONGS! (It’s called tradition, and it’s what Fievel’s family was built on.) After the jump you will find the 5 spookiest (jk not spooky, I know what spooky means) covers of the Ghostbusters theme song, because OF COURSE YOU WILL. Boo! (Interpret that boo however you want, because even I am not sure if it is a ghost boo or a “get off the blog!” boo.) Also please note that these overs are in order and that the #1 cover of the Ghostbusters theme song is definitely the best one. You’ll see. If you dare! (Hahaha. Halloween is kind of for clowns!)

#5: June Hill

#4: Syberia

#3: The Two Man Gentleman Band

#2: Conor Oberst!


Interestingly enough, that Hoobastank Ghostbusters theme-song music video is also your Christmas present. You’re welcome. Auld Lang Syne.

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  1. Wait, we were supposed to celebrate over the weekend? I hope I’m not the only one who dressed up today!

  2. I am so very pleased to see the Two Man Gentleman Band here! They are fun and have banjos, and that is really all anyone needs to win my undying loyalty.

  3. True story: I used to have a huge crush on the lead singer of Hoobastank. It was pretty bad.

  4. I got an e-mail yesterday saying this morning we had to wear business casual to work. I was really hoping my costume would distract from this major two day hangover I’ve got going on.

    Also, it’s too early for me to deal with Hoobastank.

  5. On the one hand, they’re called Hoobastank. On the other hand, they clearly love Ghostbusters. I don’t know how to feel.

  6. My slutty Steve Winwood costume didn’t go over like I thought it would. Oh, well, there’s always next year. Slutty facetaco, perhaps?

  7. I couldn’t find a fake beard for my “Evil Abed/Troy costume” so I went as Reggabraham Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln mask with a “reggae” hat; you know the thing with the dreds?) Aside from the difficulties of drinking beer through a straw through the mask, I think I actually caught a sickness from the inside of the mask; it must have been like a sexy-virus-breeding-ground inside there. Regardless, I’m ill this morning. Happy Halloween.

  8. So my best Halloween story this year: I was out at a bar with some friends, and two guys walked in and sat down next to us. A female friend of mine turned and asked one of the gentleman what he was supposed to be; he was wearing a sweater, dockers, a Cubs baseball cap and headphone. The guy dejectedly said he’d been asked that by women at every bar he went to that night, but that none of them could guess who he was (I, as a baseball fan, clearly knew he was dressed up as Steve Bartman). When I said it might not have been the best pickup costume ever, he sorta laughed and hung his head a bit. Ah, Halloween.

    • My best Halloween story is from a few years ago. It was the Halloween right after 9/11, and as usual I was asking the trick-or-treaters to perform something for their candy. A group of little girls dressed as cheerleaders sang our National Anthem. I gave them extra candy, and held off crying ’til they left.

    • I arrived at the gym this morning at 6 AM and literally ran into a grown woman wearing a complete ladybug costume which included headband antennae, a leotard and NO PANTS. Ugh, that woman.

  9. I really saw a sexy Steve Zissou costume last night. Also, a female Jewish-Tin Man? I didn’t realize they were in costumes, though, so I yelled “Fucking hipsters” and threw my half-full Big Gulp out the car window at them.

  10. Who…………… bastank?

  11. That is far and away the best song Hoobastank has ever recorded.

  12. whoa. there’s something strange in the GABErhood. amirite!?!

  13. i dressed as a modern day witch and hung chains from the piercings in my face (much like a real witch would). i got asked by three different men if they could yank the aforementioned chains on my face…one of whom pondered just how much flesh he could remove from my nose if he pulled hard enough. as there were three kegs and what seemed like an unlimited supply of hard liquor at the party, i quickly removed the chains and just became dirty wiccan girl with fake facial tattoos and way too many clothes on (apparently halloween is skankified, even when it’s twenty degrees outside?).

  14. This is the most culturally important cover of this song, GHOST RIDE YA WHIP:


  15. I’ll always have a soft spot for the original…

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