As you legal scholars may recall, a former Real World/Road Rules cast member is suing the creators of Entourage, claiming that they stole his nickname Johnny Bananas to use as the title of Johnny Drama’s cartoon, Johnny’s Bananas (which one must assume at this point, following the narrative thread of Entourage to its logical conclusion, is the #1 television show in the alternate Entourage universe America). This, of course, is what people refer to when they talk about the “Trial of the Century.” Now, you legal scholars know that a trial like this can go on forever, considering how complicated the legal arguments on either side must be with a case of this magnitude, but that didn’t stop legendary recluse and former actor Kevin Connolly from breaking his silence on the matter. From TMZ:

Kevin Connolly thinks the MTV star who’s suing “Entourage” is a frickin’ moron — claiming there’s no way in hell the show could’ve ever stolen the name Johnny Bananas from him.

Connolly was leaving Dan Tana’s in Hollywood last night … when he told us, “I think he’s crazy … he’s bananas if he thinks he’s gonna get the money.”

HE’S BANANAS IF HE THINKS HE’S GONNA GET THE MONEY! You heard it here, your honor. Although, shouldn’t Kevin Connolly recuse himself? I have no idea what that word means, but I think is supposed to do that. As Johnny Drama’s manager, he cannot be objective in a case like this. And/or he should at least rest his case. But I guess the parking lot of Dan Tana’s is basically International Waters when it comes to this stuff. NO RULES. Watch Johnny’s Bananas on FOX, Tuesdays at 5.

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  1. Well, this story is definitely going to be on E.

  2. Gwen Stefani, however, has remained uncharacteristically silent on the subject.

  3. Quit monkey around guy from the Real World and drop your lawsuit

  4. He’s also suing to keep Bananas Foster off the menu at Wahlburgers.

  5. Did he actually use the term “frickin’” in the part where he calls him a “frickin moron” or is that not a direct quote? Its unclear from the formatting

  6. carlos santana is lawyering up after hearing about this Dan Tana’s place. they’ve clearly stolen his brand!

  7. I originally read this title as “Kelly Conaboy” instead of “Kevin Connolly,” and got all excited. Then I saw what it really says, and now the rest of my day is ruined.

  8. Finally, a Bleak House for our generation!

  9. I’m glad this is happening if only because a case titled “Bananas v. Entourage” will now forever be a part of this country’s legal history.

  10. Entourage is never going away is it?

  11. “Downtown” Julie Brown has sued the producers of “Downton Abbey.”

  12. Why sue Entourage when there’s always money in the banana stand?

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