YES, David Blaine! The real magic is watching the four years since the last installment just melt away like they was nothin.

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  1. Four more years!

  2. One thing you can say about David Blaine is that he’s not Criss Angel.

  3. Criss Angel fans make David Blaine fans look like Criss Angel fans.

  4. Parker Peszynski Naughton did a pretty good job!

  5. I was not going to click on this link but then I did and it was the best decision I made all day.

    • Everyone who is familiar with my stellar storytelling ability, take note: that above comment might be my magnum opus! #nostorytellingability #seriouslyitispainful

  6. I can’t believe it’s been that long. “Not this time, you magical ass!”

  7. It’s really amazing. Another one when Japanese Magician Dr. Leon Walks Through Table.

  8. Jumper! With Hayden Christensen!

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