Melissa McCarthy is on the cover of Entertainment Weekly this week, which is calling her the “New Queen of Comedy.” Wait, who was the Old Queen of Comedy? I know Erma Bombeck was the Queen of Comedy three Queens ago, and then I think it was the lady who played Roseanne’s sister on Roseanne. But who was the one who just got dethroned? Willow Smith? It doesn’t matter. It’s probably Comedy Treason to even ask who the Old Queen is after the New Queen is named, which is apparently Melissa McCarthy. Congratulations to her! First she was so good in a movie that she won an Emmy for it, and now this! She’s like the Emma Stone of comedy, or something. (I do not understand how show-business, publicity, or buzz works, but I bet I am still somehow right on the button.) Anyway, it is true that this picture of Melissa McCarthy dressed as Divine is pretty good. She looks like Divine! I think my favorite part about it is just imagining the smiles that will spread over all of the Entertainment Weekly readers’ faces because they all know who Divine is and they appreciate an homage to her. “America will never forget the Filthiest Woman Alive.” Remember when Divine ate dog shit in a movie? And now Melissa McCarthy is the New Queen of Comedy? Kennedy had a secretary named Divine. It’s all coming full circle. What? (Click through to enlarge. Via JulieKlausner.)

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  1. A lot of Hairspray and Polyester when into getting that look just right. I hope Melissa wasn’t a Cry-Baby about it.

  2. I have a feeling that Mike & Molly and Pink Flamingos don’t really share a fan base, but this delights me nonetheless!

  3. I thought Olivia Munn was the queen now.

  4. Sooooo…. this is what it would look like if Christina Hendricks went nuts? Got it.


  6. so this is what people at entertainment weekly do when they run out of pictures from Twilight and Harry Potter to put on the cover?

    December issue cover ideas: Don Glover as gumby. the cast of Hawaii Five-O dress up as the cast of the original Hawaii Five-O. put the entire cast of Glee in smurf costumes. gabe delahaye as the old man from Up.

  7. yall hear about the next john waters movie? it is about a black market for stolen meat with a delivery guy who knocks on doors and announces “Meat Man!” Sounds quite rad to the hella indeed do tell

  8. Sookie’s life took a decidedly different turn after the Firefly Inn was destroyed in the Founders Festival Uprising of 2009. Though initial reports squarely put the blame on a stronger-than-usual punch by Miss Patty, the real root of the cause can be traced back to Kirk’s dark period — when he was making his own firecrackers to sell under the table at Dossey’s Market. What was initially intended to be a fun twist on a very old tradition ended in tragedy.

    Taylor Dossey, proprietor of Dossey’s Market and the only remaining resident of Stars Hollow that had not fled after the tragedy simply told this reporter, “I warned them. I warned them all this would happen. ‘I said stick to the script people.’”

    Though the whereabouts of Ms. St. James are currently unknown, she was last seen storming down the streets of Baltimore barefoot, screaming about her cha cha heels.

  9. It’s like Game Of Thrones, but as slang for Toilet.

  10. i thought she was supposed to be a cross between Adele and Jessica Rabbit.

  11. So this ISN’T for the upcoming Stefon movie?

  12. EW you stand convicted of assholism!

  13. Well, I think her tits look amazing.

  14. She could EGOT.

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