For this week’s Petting Zoo I was thinking about putting together the top ten list with exclusively videos of animals dressed in Halloween costumes. That seemed like a great idea when I thought of it! Very festive. But then I starting watching a bunch of videos of animals in costumes, and the thing about those kind of videos is that they are all the MOST boring videos on the whole internet. The animals never even do anything! As if just standing around and being cute in a costume is good enough. Yeah right. We have to be a little more discerning than that. To be fair, though, this countdown does contain two videos of animals dressed in costumes. LET ME EXPLAIN. Those animals are at least walking and eating. Please, I have some standards. Give me GD break here. Anyway, the rest of the animal videos are of them doing all sorts of incredible things, like eating things the way humans eat those things and also jumping around, so come on! Let’s watch ‘em! Gotta watch ‘em all! Pokemon snap!

10. Chicken Rides Tortoise

9. Pumpkin Kitty

8. Sad Koala Eats An Apple

7. Brown Panda Eating

6. Dog In A Tank Costume

5. Big Cats Play With Garbage Pizza Boxes

4. Donkey Licking Dog

3. Baby Goat Just Being A Baby Goat

2. Cat Rings Doorbell

1. Dog Comforts Dying Bird

Awww, a dog comforting a dying bird! I realize that there is a pretty big leap of anthropomorphic faith you have to take to appreciate the number one video this week, but once you take that leap it is VERY satisfying. We can all only hope to have such a wonderful dog making sad eyes at us when we die outside in the dirt someday. I love you, ya big dog. The number two video also requires a bit of a leap, imagining that a cat can actually learn to ring a bell, because of how cats don’t learn things as far as I know. But imagine! A cat learning how to ring a bell. That is a wonderful story. Everything else is just the cutest. Baby goat hopping around. (I understand that it is called a kid, PLEASE let me just call it a baby goat.) Big huge dumb brown panda eating and being the best. Adorable cat in a pumpkin costume just EATING. Ugh. That is the life. This is the life. Watching ten animal videos on Wednesdays is the life.

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  1. Cats steal the souls of babies while they sleep, so maybe ringing a doorbell isn’t too much of a stretch

  2. “I thought you said ‘Rock Out With Your Cock Atop!’ Sorry. No no, that does make more sense, you are right.” – that tortoise

  3. That panda totally gets it, whatever it is

  4. “Ahhh this free apple was so totally worth crossing the interstate for,” – Chill Koala (my brother believe it or not)

  5. Real talk courtesy of AndrewBravener.

  6. Yeah, the dog comforting the bird was sweet and stuff, but that cat is wearing a pumpkin hat.

    • also…comforting? i know the dog is trying, but if a big ol’ beast sat next to me while i was dying i would not rest in any sort of peace.

      “GET ME HELP OR PUT ME OUT OF MY MISERY” – the bird.

  7. The dog thing was sweet, but it made me think of this and I got angry about that stupid finale all over again.

  8. This feature is without question, the highlight of my work week.

  9. I’d like that big cat rescue more if I knew they weren’t only feeding them empty pizza boxes.

  10. And another thing,

    The baby goat got robbed! That kid was the best!

  11. What was pumpkin cat eating? It looked like nachos. “OK I’ll wear the dumb pumpkin costume if you make me some nachos.”

  12. I am a little happy for the sake of my dignity that none of you were actually present for my reaction to the goat video. I am, however, quite sad that my entire office witnessed me screaming “Is that a goat? It’s a goat!” in the dulcet tones of an inebriated banshee.

    Jokes on them, though. I never had any dignity anyway. IT’S A GOAT! LOOK AT THE GOAT HOP! THAT IS THE CUTEST THING IN THE WORLD.

  13. Photoshop mashup of sad koala sitting next to sad Keanu in 3… 2…

  14. Is it “dog comforting a dying bird” or “dog waiting for lunch?”

  15. “Can your Chicken do that?”
    umm…Yes! it’s called sitting. jerk. your chicken ain’t so great…

  16. “More videos of little goats, please!” – Everyone, lilgoatlover

  17. I read the description of the last video and immediately started talking myself out of watching it. You’re at work! That would be a dumb plan. Capsulekei, you know how you feel about labs and birds (they are your favourite things) and this just sounds like you weeping at your desk all day. You have work to finish!!

  18. I’m sure a lot of thought and time and energy goes into programing the computer to come up with this cute animals list (K.E.L-E), BUT i really feel like ‘Big Cats Play With Garbage Pizza Boxes’ should have been higher than #5. It had SO MANY cute kitties doing SO MUCH cute stuff!!

    DID YOU SEE THE WHITE TIGER RUNNING WITH PIZZA BOX ON HIS HEAD!? HE RAN INTO A POLE! HAHAHAHAHA! ‘Big Cats Play With Garbage Pizza Boxes’ you’ll always be #1 in my heart.

  19. that dog tank was adorable too

  20. While I appreciate the use of Aerosmith in the donkey/dog video, does it really need to be 4 minutes?

    And, I refuse to watch the number one video. I don’t think I could ever come back from such a sad place.

  21. I actually took Kelly’s advice from a few weeks ago to listen to City High’s What Would You Do? over the videos, and it’s been working well for me.

    That was a long one(that’s what she said). Was there a twist ending that I missed?

    • See, I do know how to make a reply.

      • Ha. I missed the City High suggestion. I’ll try it next time although I don’t think it will help with this one. I don’t like animals licking things. Reminds me of my cat licking himself in the middle of the night and makes we want to throw things. (Relax, I only throw pillows!)

  22. This might be old news, but this Cat-Hugging-A-Kitten-Having-Nightmares is right up there with dog comforting dying bird:

  23. Who was the first person to throw an empty pizza box in the beautiful Serengeti home of the big cat refugees? ‘Cause at that point he was just doing it to be a dick.

  24. “I get ridiculed and this asshole panda gets #7, bullshit!” – David Hasselhoff

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