John Hodgman has released a trailer for That Is All, his final book of complete world knowledge, and it’s very good! And it’s directed by Tom Scharpling! And it has all of our favorite famous people in it, beginning with Nas and ending with Dick Cavett!

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  1. I had a dream once that began with Nas and ended with Dick Cavett. It was weird.

  2. CRAP! The spec script I am writing for Human Centipede 3 is predicated on the idea of “beginning with Nas and ending with Dick Cavett”. Back to the drawing board!

  3. You’re all gross.

  4. Little Known Fact: the celebrity cameo room is the conference room in my friend’s office.

  5. I like John Hodgman. I also like Tom Scharpling. I liked this video. It’s all working out great for me.

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