Grab your tinfoil hats! Grab your long sleeve thermal shirts and your tank tops to wear underneath them! Grab your Emergen-C and your tiny bottles of water! Grab a box of nutrition bars and your flashlight! Grab your travel deodorant! Grab the checks you need to bring to the bank! Grab all of your unmarked CD-Rs in case one of them is the one you’ve been looking for! Grab your favorite lip balm and your convertible compact! Put it all in your messenger bag and GTFOOOOOO!

Some footage taken by two British tourists visiting the Manaus region of the Brazilian rainforest has recently been released (much to the government’s chagrin, I assume) clearly showing a classic Alien Grey exiting from an orb portal in the trees behind a group of children. A GROUP OF CHILDREN! It’s clear the aliens are poised to attack and don’t have any reservations about whom they inflict their alien bodily devastation upon. Some may argue that this is our planet and we need to fight for it, but it seems that the damage has already been done. The aliens have already exited their orb portals in the rainforest and they already have their sights set on death and destruction. All we can do is hide out and hug each other until they alien kill us. SEE FOR YOURSELVES!

“Earth. A planet once inhabited by a species called ‘Humans,’ now home to another life form completely. One more link in the chain of existence here in the Milky Way galaxy, and certainly not the last. What will be next? That’s left to find out in — The Twilight Zone.”

That is a fake/genius Twilight Zone epilogue I just wrote about an episode of the Twilight Zone I’ve created inspired by this alien video and based on our planet’s real future, where the whole episode is about this alien colony on what you THINK is another planet, but then at the end of the episode some alien paleontologists dig up some human bones, and you realize that they’re on Earth and that the aliens wiped out the human race long ago. OMG that is a genius idea I wish we weren’t all going to die from alien attack super soon. Oh well. Goodbye, Earth! Hello, Heaven! (Via ThePresurfer.)

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  1. After being kicked out of the rainforest for its inappropriate attire, the alien then went on to take lewd photos with pumpkins and its husband, Doug Hutchinson.

  2. I am also bringing Uno, so that we have Uno to play in the secret Videogum alien invasion bunker! Or heaven, depending on how this goes. But still, Uno!

  3. “Whatever gave you the idea that you were in heaven?”

  4. The wanton prejudice against tin foil hats being displayed here on this blog is just ugly

  5. This must be authentic. Grey aliens are known for two things – standing completely still and never looking in the direction of the people they’re ostensibly spying on.

  6. coincidentally i’ve been watching so much x files recently. like all the x files.

    • tomjoad, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

      Why yes, all of my friendships are based on how much x files the parties involved watch. It has always worked for me in the past. Why do you ask?

      • Well LilBobby, I only ask because I too look for this feature in a person. Below is the application for a chance at my friendship/romantic involvement/booty call possibility:

        1) Check one: Alex Krycek – [ ] Like [ ] Dislike [ ] I’d Hit That
        2) Complete this sentence to the best of your abilities: Samantha Mulder was ___________ a) Missing b) Abducted by Aliens c) Abducted by people and used for government experiments d) Fucking stupidly resolved in a ridiculous episode.
        3) Deep Throat. (If this not make you giggle please proceed to Question 4)
        4) Answer this question as True or False: “I Understand the term ‘Screaming Pileggis’”
        5) If you think the T-1000 made for some good X-Filesin’, please place this questionnaire in the trash and proceed in a direction that is away from me.
        6) Smoking Man, amirite?? (Y or N)

        If you answered 3 or more of these questions to my satisfaction, I will be in touch. Good luck and always remember: Trust No One!

        Mrs. Rara “Foxy” Mulder

  7. “Hey look! The truth is in here” – tagline for this video.

  8. “Trick or treat” -that alien.

  9. does this mean we have to apologize to georgo lucas for shitting on the ridiculousness of Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull?

  10. It’s just a fella name Alien Grey, his parents meant to name him Allen, but they accidentally put an ‘i’ instead of the second ‘l’ on his birth certificate.

  11. Children turn around, point at “alien”, turn back around. Either those kids have seen a lot of aliens, or that was a fake.

  12. I knew that childhood-long fear of ET was trying to prepare me for something.

  13. Newt Gingrich has spotted the aliens in the picture

  14. False alarm you guys, it was just Mr. Burns

  15. Fake and Grey (Too easy? Too easy.)

  16. it’s just another skinny model doing charity work

  17. Seen here, an alien furthering its secret mission to photobomb the hell out of earth.

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