Last night during his appearance on The Tonight Show, President Obama finally addressed the Kardashian issue, admitting that he’s never even SEEN the show. Oh, brother. This guy.

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  1. Then how the fuck does he expect to keep up with them?!

  2. I’ve never seen the Kardashians on that show either.

  3. Pssst! Obama! Why are you talking about the Kardashians? This is a stupid use of your time! And my time! And Kelly’s time! Not Jay Leno, though. This is pretty much the least stupid way for Leno to use his time. Zing!

    • I think the bigger waste of time is just him being on Jay Leno in the first place. Unless he’s really trying to reach that Over 49 demographic. They’ve probably never seen that show either.

    • Would I be far off the mark if I guessed that your Leno joke was inspired by the link to a Leno thread just up the page?

  4. Other things Obama hasn’t kept up with: the debt crisis, unemployment and troop withdrawals, though admittedly they’re far less interesting.

  5. I’d like to speak for America here: I think we’re all caught up! We’re good!

  6. We need to see his Nielsen diaries–no, the long-form version.

  7. Did anyone actually watch this? Or even make it through the clip? I only ask bc Obama can be pretty funny. I had the option to see it bc I was on a plane (fancy!!) but I decided on the channel that shows you where the plane is instead. I like maps; I hate Leno. I’m old fashioned like that.

  8. It actually was a great interview (well, the responses were great; Leno is just a hopelessly awful interviewer). President Obama is a thoughtful, intelligent adult with a healthy sense of humor which makes most Americans’ heads explode (since America clearly doesn’t deserve to have an adult in charge of the country).

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