Hey you lazy cheapos, get your Ron Swanson Halloween mask here. Unfortunately, the Duke Silver mask is currently OUT OF STOCK.

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  1. Anonymous should start wearing these instead of Guy Fawkes masks.

  2. “I’m a slutty cat who *looks* like Ron Swanson! WHY DOES NO ONE GET THAT??” – me on Halloween 2011

  3. I’m totally being LESLIE KNOPE for halloween. I got campaign badges made and everything. I know you’re all jealous.

    • I was so close to doing that as well (probably not shocking given my avatar)! I have a Harvest Festival STAFF lanyard and a Pawnee Parks & Recreation Department water bottle. I still might change my mind..!

      • I got the blonde hair and plenty of work outfits, so it seemed very easy too. I made campaign buttons and found the downloadable pdf of the parks activity guide. So I’m going to mock it up around a magazine.

      • You are both awesome. I am working hard to assemble my Janet Snakehole outfit before the Big Day!

    • I’m still debating being a Pawnee Goddess for Halloween. Still searching of a purple vest.

  4. I’ll take a Richard Harrow mask please and thank you.

    …oh, and some old-timey clothing as well.

  5. The youth culture comment was made by Leslie Knope, not Ron Swanson

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