Did you guys know that the World Series is actually a series of games and not just one final “Super Bowl” type of game at the end of baseball season? That fact is crazy both because it flies in the face of a misconception that we’ve all held, each and every one of us, for a large portion of our lives, and also because you think, oh yeah “series.” It makes sense because the name tells you that it’s a series. In fact the name tells you nothing else, other than “world.” Very sorry to destroy every single one of your minds like that at the beginning of the week, but now that we’ve gotten that fact straight we can move on. About this dancing groundsperson: I think we can first rule out that he is a groundsperson. “But he has a rake!” Yeah, ANYONE can buy a rake. Who’s the dummy now? “He has a rake.” Give it a rest. From what I can tell he is certainly too handsome to be a groundsperson and gets way too much air while doing the worm. But then, if not a baseball stadium groundsperson, who is he?!

  1. Professional dancer who was hired to get viral hits on non-sports blogs that love dancing videos.
  2. Streaker who was going to streak but then chickened out and just danced because he’s a professional dancer by day.
  3. A baseball player’s friend who the baseball player keeps around just because he likes to tell him to dance when they’re in crowds of people, and the guy always feels a little demeaned, but there have been a few times where the baseball player has been a really good friend to him so he kind of feels like he knows the “real” him.
  4. Guy who wanted to be a professional dancer but wasn’t good enough so now he’s a groundskeeper.
  5. Regular groundskeeper.

A great mystery for America’s greatest pastime! GO PHILLIES! (Thanks for the tip, werttrew.)

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  1. Are you ready to have your mind blown YET AGAIN?

    The World Series? It doesn’t really encompass the entire world! There are at most two countries involved!

  2. But Kelly, you still haven’t told us how you feel about the Phillies declining the option on Roy Oswalt’s contract.

    • I trust the Phillies. That guy was past his prime anyway and did you check out his batting average vs home run charts, don’t even bother.

      • Good God. I didn’t realize that his BAA is .280 and that his WHIP for 2011 is approaching 1.4. That’s pretty shitty for a $16 million option. Also, $16 million?

  3. I’m pretty sure that’s the “you are NOT the father” dance – so maybe Maury Povich threw out the first pitch?

  4. I think it’s that pitcher’s angel, and we’re just all little Joseph Gordon Levitt.

  5. Would this be the appropriate time to say, “Rake and gay”?

  6. There is only one…

  7. He’s the “we’ll try anything to make baseball interesting” dancer.

  8. The minor league team I work for does this every game…the Molly Maid Drag Queens Dance and Drag. The guys come out in maid costumes and crazy wigs and stop mid-rake to do a dance. Here’s a video because I can’t explain it: http://youtu.be/x6KTnwzrJpI. Or perhaps I explained it perfectly, actually.

  9. I know what he is!

    Fired. Dance on your own time, you punk kid.

  10. Looks like he’s just doing a perfect imitation of whatever the hell LaRussa was signaling to his base-runners in game 5

  11. Ian Kinsler just straight up does not care

  12. Also, my Monday Night Football has felt a little off lately, anyone know why?

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