It’s not summer anymore. I know that because it is almost November, which is not a summer month, and also because they turned the heat on in my apartment over the weekend. This brings up a few concerns, like how am I going to remember not to touch the radior near the shower that I’ve made it a habit to touch? And how many new jackets that I don’t even like should I buy? And, finally, how am I going to allow myself to watch “More Sand” a few times every day when it’s not even seasonally appropriate? Although I don’t have a solution to the first two, I think my final concern can be solved if we could just find an appropriate baby for each season. Winter, for example, could either be “more snow” or “more scarves,” with a baby wrapped up in a lot of scarves — we’ve talked about this before. Spring could be, I don’t know. More flowers? I’m not sure about spring yet, but “more scarves” is absolutely dead on and you cannot take that away. And here is my submission for Autumn. (Note: The baby does not say anything. The baby only falls into leaves.)

MORE LEAVES! MORE SMILES! More sand. :( (Via SayOMG.)

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  1. I think Autumn could be “More Cand(y)” because Halloween.

  2. Is this an Anne Geddes audition tape?

  3. My autumn baby would say more apple cider

  4. Nice trip, I hope to see her next Fall.

  5. I think instead of “Leaves” baby, we should call her “Worst. Trust Fall. Ever” baby.

  6. “More Stand.”

  7. Leaves of Ass

  8. I’m going to watch this over and over until I get my chlorophyll.

  9. OK, lets all go jump in the leaves. (check for dog poo first)

  10. I miss more sand :( it won’t be the same with more ice/snow since I’m pretty sure that’s frowned upon by the law

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