Since writing a “defense” of NBC’s spinoff of the popular Australian sitcom Kath And Kim last month in which I realized that the main reason I watched the show was to try to figure out why it exists, I’ve kept at it, and I swear, last night’s episode was just-plain a really good episode of a sitcom. Like Arrested Development, Kath And Kim is one of those shows where you really have to know the characters before you can get the show (and there are also a lot of inside jokes), and this scene wasn’t even close to the funniest of last night’s episode, which guest-starred Maya Rudolph as a life coach without boundaries, but as far as stand-alone clips go, this one gives an idea of the show’s tone: Kim runs into an old friend:

What you need to know about the show to enjoy it: hmmm, let’s see, Kath is a well-meaning idiot, Kim is a selfish idiot, and every actor on the show is a comic genius, especially John Michael Higgins. Give this show a try, I swear, it’s good!

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  1. carson  |   Posted on Dec 5th, 2008 0

    I agree, I’m noty really a fan of the two leads, but the show’s certainly earned a right to exist. The early bad reviews were premature. It’s still third place on the Thursday night lineup, but it’s a solid, consistently improving third place.

  2. Dan  |   Posted on Dec 5th, 2008 0

    Lindsay- In the months I have been reading you have rarely steered me wrong (I will not start on you hooking me on the puppy cam just to have them ripped away suddenly- the emotional damage is unimaginable). Solely based on your recomendation I will start following this show.

    • puppycam!
      i’m getting one of the puppycam puppies!
      we’re picking up akoni on sunday afternoon!
      i’m pretty excited and it’s all i can think about.

  3. I concur. Now when I say that I watch Kath & Kim I don’t have to feel bad about it. Mya Rudolph was hilarious. I hope we can see her again.

  4. You’re being a bit liberal with the term “genius,” don’t you think?

  5. Last night was definitely funny. I laughed a few times, which is more than I can say for the Office :(

  6. this show has earned the right to suck it. it’s like a third generation photo copy of a really pretty picture. all the parts are there, but it’s just not the same.

    the producers should be ashamed of themselves: armed with a pretty solid cast and giving them nothing to do.

  7. YES! I refused to NOT give this show a chance just because of the my extreme love of the Aussie original discovered on a lazy Sunday during my senior year of college a few years back. That, and the way every actor and actress on this show just goes there and gives their all. (The bit in the episode before Thanksgiving with the “lesbian” cable gal where Kim’s boyfriend starts a fight by jumping on someone and shouting “IT’S BRITNEY BITCH!” had me dying) But yeah, last night’s episode was hilarious. So glad NBC was patient and decided to give it a full season instead of just canceling it. Plus it’s fits in nicely with their Thurs night line-up.

  8. Ashley  |   Posted on Dec 6th, 2008 0

    Kath & Kim is really growing on me. I think JMH’s shapely legs help.

  9. it took like nine episodes for this to earn its “right to exist,” which i don’t really consider to be glowing praise, and arrested development only took one. sorry, this show is too painful to watch.

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