The Village Voice has been following a story, based on documents released on defected Scientology official Marty Rathbun’s blog, about Scientology’s investigation into Parker and Stone after South Park‘s “Trapped In the Closet” episode aired in 2005. It’s really great and SUPER normal!

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  1. My favorite part is the revelation that Parker and Stone appear to drive an Acura and a Subaru. Very modest, boys!

  2. miss lippy’s car is green. billy likes to drink soda.

  3. “Another is John Stamos who is best friends with Matt Stone. Apparently his ex-wife, Rebecca Romijn, is also good friends with Stone. Rebecca is a former supermodel and currently has her own TV show. In 2000’s X-Men, she had her first major movie role as Mystique and returned to the role in the 2003 sequel.”

  4. Ohh, maybe they’ll do one of these investigations into Videogum now, and we’ll learn the true identity of Steve Winwood.

  5. Boy this article makes me want to go out and hire a private detective right now!

  6. Prager said he worked in executive positions at Disney, MTV and finally, at HBO, before shedding his tie for blue jeans at “That’s My Bush.”

    Bonkers Scientology stuff aside, I’m not sure these two articles of clothing are interchangeable.

  7. Sounds like these Scientologists are out for revenge. Someone should probably tell Parker and Stone not to eat any chili anytime soon.

  8. I read the title of this post as “Scientology’s Trey Parker and Matt Stone,” sort of like saying “Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger.” Or, more appropriately, “Christianity’s Mel Gibson.”

  9. Nice to meet your mole. Moley moley moley…

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