Oh no! According to their Facebook page, K&K Mimes, the world’s leading Christian mimes, are retiring. End of an era. Now it’s all up to you, 9/11 mime.

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  1. Wait they’re Christian mimes but don’t know that January 2013 won’t exist because of 2012?

    • No, see, that’s why they’re announcing this so far in advance. They’re counting on the end of days to keep them from having to lose face by breaking down and crying off their makeup during their tearful final performance. This way, they’re cold miming til the end.

  2. I call bullshit. It’s all a marketing ploy to sell a boatload of tickets at inflated prices for the inevitable reunion tour.

  3. I’ll just leave this Karl Pilkington quote here:

    “Why do people take pictures of mimes? If the idea is standing still, then everyone looks like a mime in a picture.”

  4. Well, mime does seem an unnecessarily difficult way to spread the good word.

  5. If a movie about their lives ever makes it to the big screen, I think we all know who would be a lock for the roles

  6. I’m afraid I don’t “get” serious miming? Especially 9/11 mime. What seems to be the point of it all. We’re all familiar with the days events; is he adding any emotional attachment that we didn’t already have? Is there someone who is watching his 9/11 miming and thinks “I finally understand it?”

    What do you mean I get grumpy and ask a lot of questions when I havent had coffee?

  7. Breaking news! A Muslim mime has begun performing on a street corner just blocks from Ground Zero.
    ” ,” said the 9/11 mime, in an interview with FOX News.

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