Today, Judge Judy turns 69 years YOUNG.


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  2. i find her very appealing.

  3. “Did I get the beautiful Birthday card I wished for?!”

    “Yes. Yes I did.”

  4. Hopefully for her birthday, her husband brought her Liars in Bed
    (she eats liars for breakfast, you guys)

  5. Whooo! Justice will be served (cake and ice cream).

  6. Another year, another pilgrimage to Judge Wapner’s grave with Doug Llewelyn.

  7. My favorite Homer Simpsonism ever: Who made you Judge Judy and executioner?

  8. My favorite Judge Judy moment:

    At the end of the promos for her show, when she says, “The decision is mine at 4:30!”

    I’ve integrated this into my normal speech, and it is almost always met with baffled looks. Those two to four times that someone has spotted it as a Judy reference has made my week.

    I also accompany it with a striking gavel motion with my fist, for emphasis.

    Thank you Judy.

  9. For her birthday this year, I will pee on her leg and tell her it’s NOT raining. As a courtesy.

  10. Judge Judy and Star Jones both graduated from TV Lawyer school at my alma mater.

    American University’s law school: the place to get your degree if you are telegenic or an insane segregationist (Sen. Robert Byrd, Class of 1963).

  11. So, my extended family (white, middle-class) are huge Madea fans, complete with constant quoting of the movies. They’ve recently taught my five year old to say “Thank yer” and “Dinter”. It’s painful.

  12. “I rest my cake” is the greatest pun ever.

  13. I’d enter HER chambers, IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

  14. Lady Godsdog’s father’s girlfriend is called Judy. I have literally spent minutes amusing myself, by trying to insert “judge” before her name in everyday conversation; “… well you be the judge Judy” (snigger) Honestly I can’t work out why no one likes me .

  15. At least her name isn’t Reinhold

  16. Why doesn’t anyone ever make me a card like this for my birthday? These cards are always the best. I mean, come on, look at all the Scrats!

  17. I expected her speech bubble to be “69 years old and $69 Million a year, suckers”

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