Listen, you CANNOT just promise a week-long trip to Chattanooga, TN and swap it out with a trip to Disney World like no one’s going to be the wiser. As if you think I’m going to break down in grateful sobs and fill up eveyone’s hearts with happiness right as the rug is pulled out from under me, AS IF. Have you even thought about all there is to do in Chattanooga? Things that maybe some of us were really looking forward to? The Hunter Museum of American Art, maybe? The Tennessee Aquarium? COOLIDGE PARK? Any of these ringing a bell, mom? Ugh. Mom. You don’t even get it. I’m going to Chattanooga, you can get your hair done at the Bibbidy Flop by yourself. (Via TheDailyWhat.)

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  1. “Post this video EVERYWHERE. IT MUST GO VIRAL.” –Chattanooga’s Tourism Board

  2. Souns like someone’s still bitter about Hershey Park.

  3. “But mom! I was so excited about the Tennessee aquarium! And dad, what about the Brainerd Golf Course you were so looking forward to. Ugh, this is so unfair.”

  4. Team children. I have yet to hear a Disney song as catchy as Chattanooga Choo Choo #jazzband

    • And in Chattanooga you can actually GO to the Chattanooga Choo Choo! And also you can See Rock City, visit Lookout Mountain and see multiple states at once, AND visit Ruby Falls, a sweet underground waterfall that made my sister cry. Our family trip to Chattanooga was incredible, obviously.

  5. that looks like the kind of girl who would grow up and emotionally manipulate me into dating her for like 6 months and then recover for like 2 years.

  6. My reaction to this is the same as when anyone switches the channel from anything, ever to watch Family Guy instead.

    • Honestly, I can think of a dozen shows I’d switch away from to watch Family Guy. I mean, I’m no Fanily Guy, don’t get me wrong, but it’s better than, say, The Big Bang Theory.

      • Ah, see, I’ve never watched that. I know not the depths of its darkness.

        I was thinking, really, of a specific time when I was VERY MUCH ENJOYING an episode of Antiques Roadshow only to have SOMEONE decide he wanted to watch a bunch of references to unrelated things instead.

  7. Pro tip – you can’t run the Disney Switcheroo using an alternative destination with a fun name like Chattanooga or Kalamazoo. It has to be somewhere with a boring name, like Anaheim or Orlando.

  8. “Chattanooga. Disney World. I don’t effing care, just help me open THESE GODDAMN SNACKS!” — That Little Boy

  9. I can’t believe this isn’t the first time the Chattanooga tag has been used.

  10. Poor little girl might have musophobia

  11. they were THAT close to the Wig Dome.

  12. The Tennessee Aquarium, y’all, is like Disney World for ADULTS . . . who love . . . fish. Okay, that sounds less awesome than I thought it would. Point being, it is truly great, as is the rest of Chattanooga’s downtown. I’m happy every time someone visits my hometown, because it is a really nice place and if they STILL miss DisneyWorld, I’m willing to escort them around in some sort of costume.

  13. these are some down home kids and i like it! that’s what those parents deserve for trolling their kids because they want to make a sappy youtube video!

  14. A little Chattanoogie will clear those tears right up.

  15. As a resident of Chattanooga for the past few months I gotta say, the AQUARIUM IS AWESOME. Totally better than Disneyworld. These kids know what’s up.


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