I’m not sure if most of you know who Canadian model Rick Genest is, but before I saw this video I had 100% no idea who he was. It’s possible that he is a big Internet thing, though. It seems like he might be because he has ALL of the parts necessary to become an Internet thing. (Something weird about him + a website.) So I apologize if there are a lot of you out there who even DREAM about Rick Genest sometimes, because that’s how frequently he crosses your mind. But for the rest of us, it turns out he is a crazy person? I don’t want to ruin the gotcha surprise in this advertisement for Dermablend concealer, but part of the gotcha surprise is that someone should be looking out for Rick Genest. You poor thing, Rick Genest! Wipe that pout off of your face and take out those facial earrings and let’s get a coffee and talk! But please continue to wear the concealer because EEK!

Why did you do that to yourself, Rick Genest! We see our fair share of insane tattoos here, but this one is a life-changer! I know that I am pretty far to the anti-tattoo side, so maybe my disagreement with Rick Genest’s body choices so far in his life is a little biased, but my goodness. What a terrible reveal! At first I thought maybe he had a medical problem or something? Like a weird thing that had to stick out of his heart because his heart wouldn’t beat without it? And then I thought maybe it was one of those backwards videos, like when someone shaves a beard ONTO their face. But then I realized “how I judge a book” was incorrect. 4got to wash it off. Oh, Rick Genest. Now I see what all the pouting was about. Also I would like some Dermablend. (Via TheDailyWhat.)

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  1. Oof lots of people find him quite hot to be perfectly honest.

  2. Hipster Joker’s being doing this since 1989.

  3. Wait, so that stuff is some type of acid that makes your skin fall off and reveals the bones underneath? Is this FDA approved?

    This guy was just a guy you’d see around Montreal a few years ago – once i was on the bus with him, and some drunk asshole kept trying to sell him weed and he really politely and quietly kept shutting him down.
    He is now internet famous because he’s been featured in several fashion campaigns because of his tattoos. So it’s not like he’s a model who secretly is covered in tattoos – he’s best known FOR the tattoos.

  5. Dermablend – the perfect blend of makeup and terror.

  6. I bet he just got all that work done to cover up his Ashton Kutcher tattoo.

  7. Rick Genest I love you,
    love is forever fan love you.

  8. Dear Lucasarts,

    Boy do I have the guy for you in case you are planning a live action Grim Fandango movie. Interested? Please contact me via Videogum.

    -Sir FLW

  9. He seems nice, but we should make sure not to give him the other half of the Power Sword, just in case he tries to conquer Eternia.

  10. All the Rick G’s of the world seem to have colluded to drive Kelly crazy.

  11. My favorite part of this is his angry rapper face at the beginning.

  12. Must be hard to pierce your body when you are made of all bones. Must involve a lot of drilling.

    • I’m assuming from your monocle that you’re probably not a frat broseph / brometheus / humphrey brogart, but if you were, your jokes would take on a whole different layer of meaning that would make me chortle, were my sense of humor MUCH less refined.

      Drilling! Bones! Sex with ladies!

  13. So…you don’t want the full skeleton tattoo giftcard I got you for your birthday, I take it?

  14. Can someone please tell him to grow his hair out so his head looks like a brain with a high-top fade or a buzz cut? That would be hilarious!

  15. Dermablend seems to be aimed at an interesting demographic – people with 95% of their skin covered in tattoos who also have 4-6 personal makeup artists.

  16. How painful it must have been for him to have his eye sockets tattooed!

  17. I thought the surprise was going to be that he was a small doll.

  18. He tattooed his nose black to make it look like he doesn’t has a nose, but then put a nose ring through it. Illusion ruined.

    • Seriously. Not a very well thought out plan. However his leg tattoos are still effective. At the bottom he has a series of diamond shaped wheat fields, but as you approach his waist line the image slowly transforms into a majestic flock of birds.

  19. First of all, jump in the trash can, you’ve ruined your body. Second of all, I’ve always wondered – you love getting tattoos and then one day you’re all out of room. Now what?

    • I’m pretty sure if you turn him upside down and shake him, all of his tattoos will be erased. Actually, I’m not sure about this, but I think we should all try it anyway.

    • you could gain weight probably to add more skin to color on

    • I’m sure he wouldn’t say his body is “ruined”. I am sure he would say it is improved and probably liberated. The vast majority of people who go through a bodily transformation like this don’t do it half-assedly. This is not some drunk girl with a celebrity crush stumbling into some random all-hours parlor asking for an ode to Ashton Kutcher. This is an extension of one’s self, comparable on a smaller scale to gender reassignment.

      I think it’s beautiful. Yes, he’s more traditionally attractive with the magic makeup or whatever. But his inked body is likely how he saw himself for years and he FUCKING COMMITTED TO IT. That’s ridiculously more attractive.

      Not to get into a thing, but a few years ago I was shot through the chest and out through the spine. It changed me in ways I can’t describe in the Celebrity Trampoline Fart Blog comment section. I would love to have an artist I respect paint rays of light among other things spreading from my multiple scars and somehow connecting. But I’m too afraid of the pain (which is temporary and really, I’ve felt pain far greater than I tiny needle) and the commitment it takes to visually express what is held so deep inside of whoever you might be.

      The ink I want would transform the scars from a horrible visual reminder into a contextualized expression of my dominance over said visual reminder. I just can’t take the leap and I applaud Mr. Sexy Face for diving head-first into whatever issue caused him to actually take the leap.

  20. YES! He’s in the Gaga video, which was on Pop-Up video. And my husband and I got into a huge argument about this guy’s ability to get a normal job. Because he can’t. He can only be in Lady Gaga music videos. But apparently also as a spokesmodel for concealer. This post has saved my marriage.

    • Also, I hear he’s in talks to do the Mourir Auprès de Toi reboot

    • He is the currently international face of Thierry Mugler’s fashion line. I can’t tell you with any certainty how much a model gig like that pays, but I’m guessing it earns him more than being a Lady Gaga video.

  21. ok.
    I aint sayin’ shit about this.
    Let’s just say, “Lesson Learned”.

  22. i mean…is it weird for me to find him more attractive after the big reveal? this video has made me question the very core of my being, and why that core wants to have sex with a skeletal bio-hazard.

    • In your own defense: Your core is also a skeletal bio-hazard. But also, gross. Because this dude is totally gross. Mostly because of the tattoos, but tattoos aside, the type of person that would do this to themselves has to have some really deep rooted insecurities and emotional and phsycological issues they don’t know how to deal with in a healthy mature way. He’s short sighted, impulsive, and doesn’t consider how his actions will negatively affect other people or his own future. These are not sexy characteristics.

      • I notice he doesn’t seem too practiced at smiling.

        • It’s funny – I noticed a little smile when he was showing his tattoo-face, and I found it very endearing. I wasn’t kidding when I said he was pretty in an earlier comment.

          Is it weird that I see so much vulnerability here? Like you could say “he’s hiding himself, he’s covering himself up” but you could just as easily argue that he’s showing a great deal of himself (irrespective of the “I have no skin” joke).

          But then, I like tattoos.

        • Watch the behind the scenes video: it seems the director paid him to look like a constipated bouncer, it isn’t just his default mode of being.

      • You think that those tattoos happened ON IMPULSE??? I’m all for diagnosing personality disorders in public figures — I do it all the time! — but if you read a few of his interviews you’ll see how off base you are. I mean, on a basic level, his look was planned out and executed over the course of years, it had brought him fame and success in both his chosen profession (as an entertainer) and in other realms (makeup spokesmodel; face of Thierry Mugler). The most interesting part about his explanation of his own experience is the expectation he had that the tattoos would make strangers avoid him, when in fact his appearance gave license for complete strangers to come up and talk to him, in a way they never would have to a normal-looking person. I guess I’m just not really seeing the “negative impact” you refer to.

        This is maybe just a long way to say I, too, want to do sex with this person.

    • I’m in the same boat, with a whole thing of jellybeans.

  23. Happy Halloween!

  24. I made up a little story for him:

    Act 1: He goes to get apply for a job somewhere but was declined because of his appearance.

    Act 2: He calls gets professional make up job and applies for the job again. This time he is genial, courteous and an all around-good-guy.

    Act 3: He gets called back, told he has the job. upon arriving at his new place of employment, the people there are surprised that he has face rings. (this is where this video begins.) Our hero looks at his new employers with contempt and takes off his makeup. Everyone learns a lesson in not judging people on their looks. Fin.

    • Bonus features: He gets fired after he gets caught stealing a small desktop printer.

      • lol

        I want someone to follow this guy around with a video camera so we can have video footage of him sitting at McDonalds eating a cheese burger while texting on his phone. Or footage of him in his living room eating a frozen salsbury steak dinner, yelling at his TV because his favorite singer was voted off of American Idol, or better yet watching Jeopardy and yelling out wrong answers and then getting mad at himself.

        • Standing in the aisle comparing nutritional values of Quaker Oats instant cinnamon oatmeal vs. the cheaper store brand.

          Getting to the theater to find out Paranormal 3 is sold out and trying to decide quickly between Ides of March, Moneyball, or just validating and going home.

          Testing Ikea couches.

    • “The sign said long haired creepy people need not apply, so I tucked my hair up under my hat and went in to ask them why….” Anyone?

    • Chris Trash, you’ll be hearing from my lawyers.

      I don’t know how you’ve obtained a copy of my script, Soul Man 2: Soulless Man, but I am ordering an immediate cease and desist!

  25. “So, what are you going to be for Halloween?”

  26. Rick’s website is quite a gem. Here it describes Montreal’s hottest club. It’s got everything:

    “Rick Genest, the freak show’s mastermind, is shoving live worms up his nose using fake blood as a lubricant, while behind him one of his closest friends, Miguel, dances with a machete.”

  27. Not that I wish for him to die prematurely, but a time-lapse video recording of his decomposing body would prove interesting. You know, for future robot generations and the like.

  28. i bet all those models in paris were jealous … most of them only have half their bones showing.

  29. It’s either this or homelessness.

  30. Hehe, they painted on his nipples.

  31. He ruined it with that bio hazard sign, it’s too tacky and heavy-handed compared to the the rest. I can’t believe you had such poor judgement crazy tattoo man!!

  32. I don’t know. People change, and maybe he’s getting work right now and he’s happy with himself, and I hope so. But then one day, oops I’m old and don’t feel this way anymore and my appearance has alienated the whole nursing home. I don’t know.

  33. “jump in the trash can, you’ve ruined your body”

    that’s just such a terrible, close-minded thing to say. I don’t even like tattoos that much myself, but this guy is beautiful. he made his body a work of art. you know that whole “you only live once thing.” i feel like this guy gets it. oh, what’s that, he can’t have an office job? i feel like he will always be able to find people that “get it” that will employ him. Ugh, the response to this has frustrated me so much.

  34. well, i guess once you tattoo your entire body to look really morbid and ridiculous, you no longer have to actually do anything to be ‘interesting’ or come up with things to talk about to people.

  35. Wow! I’m surprised by all the people saying that a guy who tattooed himself to look like he has no skin is hot. Because ick!

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