Looking good, girl! Looking great. I think the best part about tattoos is how they are FOREVER. No one can take this tattoo away from you now. So smart. Right under this tattoo you should get another tattoo that says “I’m a genius,” and under that tattoo you should get one that says “All my ideas are perfect,” and under that tattoo you should get a tramp stamp of a butterfly with bullet wings. You’re beautiful in every single way and that is why Christina Aguilera wrote a song about you*. (Via E!)

*I had to google that song lyric to figure out who sang it, so I am still cool. Not as cool as you, but a little cool, I hope. Watch BBC’s The Voice, Mondays at 7.
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  1. This Kinda shit disgusts me

  2. I don’t know who Ashton Kucheri is, but he must be a lucky lucky man.

  3. This guy is actually a famous Chinese basketball player who thought English lettering looks cool

  4. Also, I’m still mad that there is a COOLTATTOOS tag and my leg tattoo article is just under regular old TATTOOS, which is just the greatest injustice this world is facing atm now that Qaddafi is dead

  5. Gabe, to be fair, if she ever changes her mind she can just add a Calvin peeing on it.

  6. Ashton Kutcher i love you, love is forever fan love you.

  7. I love that the tatoo has the grammar of a youtube comment.

  8. In butterfly Sunday schools they reference *this* tattoo as the place you go when you die if you masterbate even once – ever.

  9. The script seems a little out of place. This tattoo would make a lot more sense if it was written in Comic Sans.

  10. Demi Moore i love you,
    want to wear your skin fan love you

  11. I wonder at what point in tattooing does the tattoo artist just stop trying to talk people out of shit like this.

  12. My tattoo is better.

  13. To one Major Dad to another.

  14. Jesus, January. If having the baby wasn’t enough to bring him back, what makes you think this tattoo is going to do any good?

  15. Luckily Ashton Kutcher will always be a big star so this will never be played out.

  16. I like the butterfly effect.

  17. Are we sure this isn’t a man? That is a thick neck… maybe it’s just the butterfly effect, but I’m not convinced.

  18. Random story: My cousin has the tatoo “III XXIV” on her shoulder and I finally asked what it was and she said “It’s my birthday.” “Isn’t your birthday March 23rd?” I got a very dirty look; apparently, she’s now looking for a replacement tattoo.

  19. The ultimate insult: this picture was taken with a BENQ DC C1230, not a Nikon.

  20. it’s just nice seeing wilmer valderama back in the news.

  21. You can barely even see that the tattoo used to say “Charlie Sheen.”

  22. Look at banner, Ashton!

    I’ve invented a backstory for this that involves a translation that could only happen through a 100-person game of Telephone.

  23. This is the greatest of all of Ashton’s punk’d pranks.

  24. I just emailed this picture to my Mom with the subject line “My New Tattoo.” I don’t know which she’s going to think is funnier: that it’s a joke or the lawyers fees from the process of having me written out of the will.

  25. nope.
    not touching this one either.

  26. I like that in the left part of the picture, she’s air-drying the Shroud of Turin.

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  28. I love that the tattoo artist didn’t bother with punctuation. Likely as a silent way of saying, “You’re an idiot.”

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