You know how when you’re a celebrity no request is ever denied? Like, you can call a restaurant and tell them you want to eat something and they say, “We don’t make that,” and you say something like, “It’s for Chris Klein,” and then they say, “Oh, well you didn’t mention it was for Chris Klein!” And then they buy the ingredients and make it? Well NOT SO for John Travolta, when he asked to reserve a table at KFC while visiting the UK! From the Daily Mail:

The actor was in West Sussex this weekend attending an annual Scientology event in East Grinstead. One of his representatives called the local KFC branch last Friday evening to ask if they could book a table for the Pulp Fiction star and his guests. But a member of staff who took the call turned the request down and said he would have to queue at the front like everyone else.

Queue at the front, like all of the NORMALS who want to fill themselves and their guests with fried chicken gristle? GROSS, NO THANK YOU. John Travolta, upon being denied, decided to skip KFC all together and head directly to his Scientology function. Tsk-tsk. You lost a good customer that day, West Sussex KFC. All because you wouldn’t put a sign on one of your Grease-coated tables saying it was reserved for John Travolta. Who knows where this story could’ve gone and how many other times KFC could’ve snubbed John Travolta, HAD this KFC accepted John Travolta’s request. Nobody knows! But we can imagine it for an INCREDIBLY FUN GAME! 

  • John Travolta and his guests enter KFC. They stand at the door for several minutes before John Travolta requests that one of his guests find the hostess. “Excuse me, ma’am,” the guest asks a customer. “Will the hostess be seating us soon?” The customer doesn’t respond. SNUBBED!
  • John Travolta and his guests enter KFC and see a blocked off section of tables covered in balloons. “Ah, here we are,” says John Travolta. He and his guests make their way to the table before they are stopped by a KFC employee. “Oh, I’m sorry, Mr. Travolta. That’s for a child’s birthday party. Your area is over here.” The KFC employee directs them to a separate blocked off area with no balloons. SNUBBED!
  • John Travolta and his guests sit at their table and wait for their waiter. No waiter comes for hours. Where is the waiter? SNUBBED!
  • John Travolta wants the largest size of Popcorn Chicken they have. They only have one size of Popcorn Chicken and it isn’t very large. SNUBBED!
  • John Travolta wants honey mustard. They have to get some out of the back because they just ran out up front. John Travolta has to wait for over two minutes for honey mustard and when he gets it it seems chilled, which is not what he likes. SNUBBED!

This is my favorite game! Whoever invented this game is a genius! SNUBBED!

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  1. Would John Travolta even eat chicken? I would think that he would look down on them, what with their inability to fly and all.

  2. Everyone knows that you have to use the secret password to book a table at KFC. Of all people, you’d think that Travolta would have known that “Grease” is the word.

  3. I am for real in awe of this whole story. John Travolta being denied a reservation at KFC is our generation’s Fabio killing a duck with his face.

  4. “you know the funny thing about Europe is the little differences…d’you know in West Sussex you can’t get a reservation at KFC?”

    • Did you know there are no biscuits served at KFC in the UK?

      People would be confused probably: ‘salty scones, oh dear me no.’

  5. “Garçon, can you tell me the vintage of this most delicious Pepsi Cola?” — John Travolta

  6. I have never had trouble getting a table at KFC. You don’t need to make reservations at KFC, John. And a gallon of milk is less than $50.

  7. I actually think it was pretty responsible of him. He just wanted to make sure they would have room for his plastic bubble!

  8. John and guests break out into song over dinner. Nobody brings in boxes filled with Girl Clothes for them to dress in. “What is this place? Are they too cool for school?” SNUBBED

  9. Celebrities – they’re just like us (in that their lives are freakishly removed from even the most basic aspects of everyday life)!

  10. “I can’t get a celebrity discount on these clothes?! Fine! I will never darken the door to this Salvation Army again!.” — John Travolta

  11. In KFC’s defense, they probably just thought it was Nicholas Cage in disguise.

  12. I think I made this exact prank call in 6th grade. Table of 12 at KFC. Name? John Travolta.

  13. John Travolta asks for the key to the executive WC and instead the chav behind the counter hands him a key attached to a giant empty Variety Bucket across which someone has scrawled TOILET in giant letters so EVERYONE KNOWS JOHN TRAVOLTA HAS TO USE THE BATHROOM — not to mention that he has to carry around something a million unwashed toilet hands have probably touched — and so anyways when he gets in the non-executive WC he can tell people have not been very clean. Snubbed!

  14. I just wish I could listen in on the conversation where John Travolta’s representative (John Travolta in a high-pitched voice) called his media contacts to break the story about KFC’s great injustice.

    Because seriously, who was the source for this story? How did this become a thing that anyone past Travolta’s entourage and some kid at KFC would even know about?

  15. No table for John? How bout ol’ Woody Stevens?
    …..Yeah, I’ve seen Wild Hogs. *Facepalm*

  16. This is probably the same thing that caused Keanu to be so sad that one time.

  17. The oil KFC uses to fry its chicken has been shown to increase the risk of heart disease, and since Travolta didn’t get to eat any of the chicken, he could not cure his heart disease using his e-meter. SNUBBBBED

  18. John Travolta makes a date to meet Quentin Tarantino and Uma Thurman for lunch at KFC to chat about old times and catch up. They all agree on a time and location. John doesn’t want to seem anxious, but he can’t help arriving 20 minutes early. Time passes slowly, and his friends never show up. He is too distraught to eat anything other than a half-dozen or so cold biscuits. He briefly considers calling Nicolas Cage, but decides to call it a day instead. Walking home, he passes a Chic-Fil-A and sees Quentin and Uma eat a plate of chicken tenders, taking turns to dip their crispy treats in a shared container of Polynesian sauce. SNUBBED!

  19. “Forget it, John. Let’s just book a private room at Burger King.”

  20. “John, I could have told you they don’t book parties.”
    -Kirk Cameron

  21. I know we have our problems with these people, but man oh man, they don’t know what they are doing chicken-wise.

  22. How bad is the food in West Sussex that there is a queue in front of KFC!?

  23. John Travolta walks into KFC with his Scientourage (thanks, Mailman), and is immediately recognized and adored. His food is free and everyone does the hand jive.


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