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  1. And YOU get a body shot, and YOU get a body shot, and YOU get a body shot…

  2. Pfft. Training wheels? That’s a waste of what I assume was really good tequila.

  3. Playing the Pyramid with this V Gum Post:

    Things that make me sad…Things that are not pleasant… Things that are drunk… umm…. umm…


    *ding ding*

  4. I am in NE Ohio right now. Eyes peeled for the herpes monkey. How does one catch a herpes monkey?

  5. All those animals…I started to get really upset but then I was reminded that the rapture was rescheduled for tomorrow, and none of this matters. So, I guess, tequila shots it is.

    God, all those animals…

  6. Did I just dream that there were such things as tranquilizer guns? Those are real things, right? I’ve been on medication lately, but I swear those things are real and maybe could have been used.

    • They were concerned that, upon being shot with darts, the animals would freak out and run away. And since it was already the evening, they might not be able to be found until they’d already passed out, slept it off, and woke up again.

      So, sure, but not really practical in this case.

      • So if they shot the animals with tranquilizers at night, the animals would be asleep during the night and therefore not eating any Ohioans (who were all inside anyway as soon as the news got out), and then when the sun was up, the animals could have then been found and tranquilized again if necessary, and then taken to a zoo or other facility and NOT ALL SHOT TO DEATH.

        I hate this story so much. :(

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