I don’t want to build this video up too much because I don’t want anyone to be let down if it isn’t as good as they hoped it would be, but let me just say that this is the best video you’ll ever see in your entire life and you should either just not watch it because you don’t want to ruin all the other videos in the world for yourself because they’ll never live up to this video, or you should watch this video and then just go to sleep for the rest of your life because why even bother. YOUR CHOICE! It’s up to you. I’ve chosen sleep forever, so after I finish up this post that’s the end of me. Oh well! At least I’ll get to watch this video a few more times before the world closes its chapter on me. Completely worth it. Let me just say one more thing before I go: One time I saw Ted Leo let a young fan of his come on stage play guitar for a song during a Ted Leo and the Pharmacists show. I think Gabe was at this show too? I’m pretty sure he was. I’m actually 100% sure that he was I don’t know why I’m trying to be any other way about it. Anyway Ted Leo let the young fan come on stage and the young fan really absolutely nailed it. He was very good! He shredded and it was great and I was so jealous of all of it. This video is not like that but it is SO MUCH BETTER THAN THAT WAS!

Ahhhhhhhhhhahahahahahahaha. Ugh. I love this so much. She is so happy. This video is the best because it is a win-win. That girl got to sing into the microphone of a singer she is clearly obsessed with and we all get to enjoy the results. Just completely perfect. Ok, goodnight forever! (Via Reddit)

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  1. Awesome prank, Kelly.

    • True feelings can never be a prank.

      • #videogumgreetingcards

      • ah kelly i am not sure if its the medication but your writing stlye makes me want to find you and beat the crap out of you, just sayin, i found you because i was looking for some one who agrees with me concerning the summer eve commercials, i saw then while watching my sick obbession tv show amercian horro family, stories , well this show is so weird i often have to pause to think about what just happen, again might be the new medication, yes summer eve i at first thought it was a joke not serious like and ad for onion tv or something. could they readlly be telling girls that the most powerful thing in the world is between their legs, that couldnt be real i am not even sure you agree with me about this horrible company, yeah and they are bad i think and its been since they opened, i can only guess what they were doing in the south in 1800′s mid 1800′s not a good place to be black or a women, i hope someone like anderson cooper or the view starts talking about this , i think it is the wrong messages to give to girls or anyone, just sick

  2. I read lips. She said:

    “No, Beyonce, don’t make me sing. Please no. I was born deaf. No, no, please dear god, no. Don’t let this happen. If there’s a soul in that body, please select someone else. This will be on youtube in ten seconds. Please, no, no, please. Ohhhhh, oohhhh wo-woooooooohhh.”"

  3. Gwyneth did really well!

  4. Does anyone know how to cure abrupt-onset-but-continuous-choke-laughing?!

  5. Oh god that was perfect. Shut it down, everyone can go home. I can’t stop laughing.

  6. The first time I saw Ted Leo, he bashed himself in the forehead twice with his microphone and started bleeding and it was totally bad ass and me and my friends were all like “waaaaat.” I guess what I’m trying to say is, this video, while nearly perfect, would benefit from a little head-bashing.

  7. If anybody ever made that face at me I would RUN IN FEAR.

  8. maybe this is what deflated beyonce?

  9. I was really looking forward to this video because it was going to be touching and make me feel positive emotions.

    But then I saw the fan and she was like 30 years old.

    • Seriously, what is wrong with people? I can accept a person who’s 15 or 16 or (I guess) even 23 being this flibber-tee-gee absolutely mind-bonked at meeting a “superstar,” but isn’t part of being a real adult having a more… adulterated reaction? Like maybe, “Here’s Beyonce; she sings for a living; it is neat that she walked past me but she is a person; the end”? What is wrong with this Real Adult?

      (Please note that when you are an adult, you think using semicolons.)

  10. I bet until she sees this on youtube she’ll be thinking Beyonce was laughing with her not at her.

    • No! there is no laughing at…this was all in fun. Beyonce looked like she actually had fun making that lady’s whole life.

      • No. Beyonce is laughing at her, make no mistake. That being said, Beyonce is a consummate professional and did not go for the hard LOL. How could you not? That voice was like a cross between a harbor seal and Abby Elliot’s impersonation of Anna Faris. I, obviously, am no professional.

  11. Was that Solange?

  12. “Stop pushing! Ouch! Someone keeps stepping on my shhhhOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOEEEEE!”

  13. This YouTube video will be on her iTombstone.

  14. That was like one of those emails your older brother sends you of a picture that you have to look at closely and then an exorcist face pops out with a bloodcurdling scream and then you go and sock him really hard in the arm.

  15. Videodudes, just lettin’ u kno she says “You’re amazing, you’re amazing”. You are welcome.

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  18. Gotta love here.. but hey be sure to check out more of her on http://www.entertainment-always.com !

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