Look at her going whatever the word for HAM is in England! Hammies? Yorkshire steaks? Newcastle slammies? I’m sure it’s something kind of silly like that. Pig slices. “I’m going BACON RASHERS!” What is it? I know it’s not lorries because just kidding it’s lorries. She is the lady dowager of Downton Rappey. GOOD MORNING! (Thanks for the tip, werttrew.)

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  1. As the second hardest MC in the UK, I can confirm that this person is the hardest MC in the UK.


  3. In Canada they call it bacon.

  4. “I’ll call Wallace and steal the name tags off Grommit.” – the hardest MC in the UK

  5. Obviously she is going mince meat.

  6. Is it too early for a “lorry” joke? Ok, lemme see… LL Cool Lorry. Lorry Face Killa. Lorry Wayne.

  7. Gucci Gucci, New Look New Look, Primark Primark, Topshop,
    This Lorry really liked it when the hardest MC’s rap stopped.

    (either that or Cher Lloyd jokes that I would have to explain to everybody)

  8. Our Nicki Minaj princess appears to have taken a wrong turn somewhere around puberty.

  9. something is wrong with her lips

  10. “london fog, its cold and drabby/gunna chill inside watchin’ downton abbey…”

  11. I like that her lip gloss matches her top. Very cute and hardcore matchy-match touch!

  12. even she looks bored by this

  13. she’s ok, i guess. but i’m down with the old skool. like Slim JG.

    she was MTV’s True Life Rapper who got a divorce. because that is what is going down in the streetz!

  14. I was just wondering what the hell happened to Lady Sovereign.

  15. Respeck

  16. I think going HAM in the UK is referred to as a “banger in the mouth”

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