Have you watched Terra Nova yet? I haven’t. I’ve been too busy petitioning Words with Friends to make “adorkable” a legal move. (Ding dong. New Girl joke!) Anyway, Terra Nova. I guess it’s based on the classic narrative conflict of Future Man vs. Nature Dinosaur. Klassik. Honestly, I don’t entirely understand how making 10 people live in a gazebo back in Flinstones times could possibly fix the future, unless we’re just talking Fringe season 1 finale, in which case I get it. Miss you, Twin Towers! Anyway, some nerd on Reddit (as if there is anyone else on Reddit, jk, GOTCHA REDDIT!) has pointed out that the plasma hover guns on Terra Nova look an awful lot like a Nerf gun that they just spray-painted:

Haha. “Now with Realistic Pew Pew SoundFX!” The trick is probably that you have to aim at the dinosaurs’ mouths, that way they choke on the nerf football when it goes in. The best part, of course, would be if they WEREN’T just spray-painting Nerf guns, and each of these props cost, like, $10,000. That would be the best part. For some reason, don’t worry about it, you get it. Also: Not the mamma!

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  1. The guns aren’t for the dinosaurs. They shoot them at the butterflies, which then flap their wings and alter history somehow. At least that’s what I assume happens in this show.

    • I can’t believe I’m about to make this comment, but here goes: Terra Nova isn’t set in the past, it’s set in the prehistoric age of a parallel timeline, so any changes that occur there will not affect the future of the primary timeline from whence the protagonists came.* I will just shut myself in my own locker now.

      *Also, this show is just stupid and boring and cheap-looking and I will not watch it anymore.

  2. “Terrable Nova” is my exceptionally clever title for this show. Get it? Ha. Maybe i would like it more if i didn’t spend the first 12 minutes of each episode watching the new Adventure Times.

  3. Oh man, you guys remember when the main guy from Dinosaurs destroyed the Earth? Best kid show ending ever. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPTUA_wdp78

  4. You think that’s cool, check out Hawkeye’s bow in the Avengers movie.

  5. Hate to break it to you guys but those aren’t real dinosaurs either.

  6. they thought we would be too busy having our breath taken away by Dino FX to notice!

  7. Thank you for making a New Girl joke. It’s been stressful to see that show somehow avoid the Whitney treatment.

  8. On par with generally crappy cheapness of this show. It looks like it was filmed inside the dinosaur ride at Knott’s Berry Farm.

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