Usually when a bunch of celebrities are in a video together about a charitable foundation, it’s in a large way just like, “SHUT UP, CELEBRITIES.” Because celebrities are annoying. But this one is only a little like that! Mostly it’s great. Because of Kristen Wiig and also Bill Clinton. Four more years!

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  1. Bill Clinton definitely had sex with Kristen Wiig when they were filming this.

  2. when are you liberals going to wake up and smell the coffee, passing NAFTA means a giant sucking sound you hear is all our jobs going south to mexico. black helicopters.

    • ????????????????

      • You mean instead of all the Mexicans coming north to our jobs? At least it’ll be more convenient for them.

      • apparently you people – YOU PEOPLE – were not around for the famous Ross Perot moments in history and in society. he predicted NAFTA would = a giant sucking sound of job creation in mexico where all our jobs would go but evil Clinton – who many called Hitler back in the day – signed the NAFTA anyway and so it came to be

  3. I’m not entirely sure why, but seeing “Uploader: President Bill Clinton” is hilarious to me.

  4. I found it funny (enough.) …so does that mean i don’t have to donate?

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