Going to see a thing in reality that you know from either a movie or TV show is one of the most exciting things you can do in your entire life. One time I went on this pizza tour of Brooklyn with my parents, RELAX, and we drove all around Brooklyn in a bus and the guy giving the tour pointed out when bridges or sidewalks were in movies and then he showed the movies on the bus TV. It was almost like me and all of the elderly people on the bus — who were all really upset because it was summertime and the air conditioning was broken — were ACTUALLY IN the movies. Very Hollywood. Similarly, GQ has a story in its current issue (this is possibly a lie, it’s at least on its current website) about the family who lives in Peyton’s house from One Tree Hill. It’s a very fun story to read and I recommend reading it, but at the beginning the homeowner mentions how often people stop by the house to take pictures in front of it. And it is a CRAZY AMOUNT. From GQ:

Usually it’s only one or two cars. Other times it’s eight or nine in a day. It depends what time of year it is, and what’s happening on the Internet. Once there was an event of some kind in town, and we got more than twenty.

EVERY DAY? People usually take pictures in front of the One Tree Hill house every day? I’m not going to pretend like I’ve ever seen One Tree Hill — I kind of did pretend that before when I referred to the house as “Peyton’s house” as if I had any idea of what that meant, but I won’t anymore — but I do understand that it is NOT that popular of a show. Right? Or is it? It’s not like the OC, right? Or is it? ANSWER ME! Whatever the case, it seems like seeing this stupid big house is a really great thing to do that we should all put on our bucket lists. Unfortunately the house is in Wilmington, North Carolina, and I’ve already been to North Carolina once in my life and it was great, but if I want to see every state before I die I can’t double up. One thing I can, do, though is imagine what it would be like:

10:00AM: Get into my car with a coffee and plug in my iPhone to the speaker system and put on my One Tree Hill house visiting playlist.
10:10AM: Pick up my friend.
11:00AM: Ask my friend to look up directions on their phone.
11:05AM: Ask my friend if they’ve ever seen One Tree Hill.
11:07AM: Ask my friend to go to the wikipedia page about One Tree Hill and see what it’s about, loosely, and who the two main characters are.
11:09AM: Suggest that we play a game where we are the two main characters of One Tree Hill and we have to make up plot lines and also other characters, and we have to do funny voices.
11:10AM: Play the game.
11:40AM: Continue to have so much fun playing the game.
12:00PM: Friend asks if we can take a break from the game and just listen to music for a while.
12:01PM: Stop talking to my friend for the rest of the trip because if they want to be a jerk then whatever, I don’t care, I really should have just done this by myself.
A Million O’ClockPM: Arrive in Wilmington, North Carolina. Camp out on the lawn of the house. Cannot see the house yet because it is too dark.
6:00AM: Awake with the sun.
6:10AM: Make a stop-motion film with pictures of me walking across the porch.
9:00AM: Ring the doorbell. No response.
9:10AM: Hug the door.
9:15AM: Collect grass.
9:30AM: Call everyone I know and ask them to guess where I am.
11:00AM: Ask friend if they’ll reenact some of the scenes you constructed yesterday with the house.
11:02AM: Realize that I should’ve brought a third person to film the scenes and ring the doorbell again.
11:03AM: I can hear someone approaching the door!!!!!!
11:04AM: I faint and die.

That was a wild ride! I can’t even imagine what it would be like if I got to see the house from Gilmore Girls. Is that a real house? Does anyone know where that is? I’m literally already dead just thinking about it so probably don’t even tell me. (Via Vulture.)

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  1. Oh man, my generic response to any questions asked of me from now on is going to be “it depends on what’s happening on the internet.” Works in every scenario.

  2. This is some bullshit. There are so many fuckin’ trees in that picture.

  3. If you want to see super cool houses, I can give you the address of my old house where John Gotti’s driver was killed in the driveway! Very cool and a super short drive…to murder.

  4. You went on a tour of movie locations? Did you wear a “Just Jack” T-shirt?

  5. When I used to teach international students in San Francisco, I was amazed by the number of them who wanted to see the “Charmed” house. Turns out the “Charmed” house is in LA.

    This is why they hate us.

  6. But what if was a residence from Gossip Girl, hmm? WOULD YOU BE SO QUICK TO JUDGE?

  7. Hey! Who are you calling elderly!

  8. All of those cars must be on some kind of Dawson’s Creek/One Tree Hill pilgrimage tour, right? I could almost stop being confused by this for a second if that were the case. Almost.

  9. I think I would most like to see the Mermaid Hotel from The OC where everybody went to have their shady affairs, like Marissa and Olivia Wilde and Luke and Marissa’s mom.

  10. I spent a whole day there once. At first, the sun was so bright it left no shadows, only scars carved into stone on the face of the earth. But at night, the moon turned red. Then we ran to the sea. It was a pretty weird day.


  11. This reminds me of the time I went to visit the apartments where Mary Tyler Moore was supposed to live in the Mary Tyler Moore Show!

    Except replace “went to visit” with “got mugged”. Otherwise, EXACTLY the same.

  12. You guys should sign up for my NY Locations That Have Not Been in Movies. It’s like two stops in Lefferts Gardens.

  13. Are you kidding me? I’d rather go to Queens to see the All in The Family House. Edith! Meathead! Gloria!

  14. I think One Tree Hill might be MORE popular than The OC. It’s been on for like a million years, anyway.

  15. Why was this in Gentleman’s Quarterly?

  16. Also, the Full House house invites all other houses to step up its game:

  17. I live in LA and a tour bus pauses on my street every day, and the guide points out my block’s premier “been in a movie” apartment building, which is also my block’s premier “scene of a grisly murder.” For a while he was also pausing at my apartment building, and one time I walked out as the bus was there and half the people aboard immediately took a photo of me. “Ooooh! He LIVES there!” The other half just politely gawked like I was a mummy behind glass in a museum.

    • What’s my point? I know what fame is, and how it burns.

    • You live in Los Feliz? I used to live down the street from where the Black Dahlia murder allegedly happened. My building was the site of a Starburst commercial!!!

      • Whoa, really? Uh, I live a couple doors down from where the Black Dahlia lived. That’s actually the “scene of a grisly murder” building I mentioned, although now that I think about it, she wasn’t killed there, she just lived there and was killed elsewhere. So I should have said “scene of a girl living who was grisily murdered like a mile away.” Wait — I thought you lived in Chicago!

        • No, I am now in Portland… I was in LA for many, many years. Before that Chicago. Before that, NYC. I was on Winona. I’m guessing you were on Normandie or Winona? That’s where the tour buses go, esp before they hit the hills and the fancy people houses.

          Though they’re filming Grimm down my new street so I get to say the weird procedural based on fairy tales is making murders happen 2 BLOCKS AWAY!!!!

          • You get around. I’m in Hollywood, on the first hill, before the fancy hills start. A foot-hill. Where the elderly renters have formed a Neighborhood Watch because they are convinced the young Latino renters are in a gang.

            Parallel lives: the parking situation on my street is grim.

          • I have to keep the fuzz off my tail. But really it’s just where the jobs are… though now I telecommute. I get fall for the first time in seven years. It’s weird to not have a season called fire.

            Oh! So you’re like in the Franklin hills area? Isn’t that where the Pretty Woman hotel is? Or maybe I’m getting my Dahlia history confused. I kind of never cared so it mushes together. I was perpendicular to that hideous blue and white house with the Greek statue that was next door to the Lloyd Wright house, where the murder allegedly took place and they also filmed America’s Next Top Model Cycle 5. When my friends would visit, I’d walk them past and they’d recognize it only for one or the other.

            We could have had a post-college American Studies neighborhood book club! Oh well…

  18. Kelly! Gilmore Girls is done on the WB lot in Burbank. I went on a WB tour with my dad (who was SUPER jaded about Hollywood on his first visit to L.A. because he *is* Mr. Cool Dad). I had made him watch the show a few times years before and then we did the tour, which is really fascinating. Anyway, you go around the Stars Hollow square and they point out the houses. I got my photo taken in front of Lorelei’s house, which I also want to say was the Walton house. Then we went into a sound stage and it was Richard and Emily’s house. And it was so fascinating to see all the crappy furniture and how it looks sooo fancy on air. That’s when my dad got super excited and realized that there’s a whole industry around TV and it’s not just people getting followed by cameras (I honestly think he thought that is how TV and movies were made before the trip). Oh! And when I went, it was when they were filming the last few eps of that season and there was the whole “who is getting married” tease and I saw the cake with Lane and Zach so I knew.

    But it’s a really good tour and even though the show is off, the square looks the same. And the tram driver will stop and let you take a photo in front of a house you love or they did for me. My aunt made the tram driver stop as well but then we had to go to the set of 2.5 Men that day and everyone was pissed because no one watched that show. Everyone = my aunt, my mom and me.

    • So I’m reading this post a million years after everyone else and I’m sure no one will see it, but I went on that tour too! It was with 3 of my best friends from college, who had absolutely NO interest in visiting Stars Hollow. But I totally geeked out – AND we were really lucky because we were the last tour of the night so we had a private tour guide for just the 4 of us. He left us run around the set, I even got to go behind the counter at Luke’s Diner!! My friend got pretty sick of having to pose for pictures everywhere (in front of their house, by Lorelei’s jeep, outside the diner, pretending to be customers in the diner) but I loved it!

      Oh and the tour guide also let us sit in the Friend’s Central Perk set even though we weren’t supposed to touch anything and then made us take a million photos that he thought we could use as the wallpaper on our computers….

  19. Two scenes from The Notebook were shot on my grandad’s plantation in Charleston. I don’t know which two scenes probably the two where Ryan Gosling looks handsome near trees with spanish moss. (never seen Notebook)

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