After noticing that last week’s episode aired out of order, Community nerds lit up ALL the nerd zones (chat rooms, glasses repair shops) with alternate timeline theories. But today Dan Harmon took to his blog to say, ahh, it actually just took longer to edit that he thought it would, oops!

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  1. I saw this last night on someone’s tumblr — everyone’s clothing combine to make a rainbow, except for Jeff’s since he is the rain cloud ruining everything this season? Or something?

    Anyway, that’s what they were saying at the glasses repair shop this morning.

  2. I think the same things must’ve happened with 2 Broke Girlz. I don’t watch it but someone at the glasses repair shop said they have run 4 consecutive episodes where Kat Dennings’ character deserves better.

  3. Don’t worry nerds, there’s still plenty to get pissed about.

    “The Wire is just basically a cop show. Also, Game of Thrones sux.”

  4. Evil Abed has to come and bust up the Halloween dance, right?

  5. I now have a new theory: when Dan Harmon was referring to the lazy camera tricks in his post about alternative time lines he was actually referring to how all the fake timelines in Dr. Who ruined the past season.

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