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I think there are really only two ways to react to this video. The first is to think of this as further evidence to the fact that children approach the world with wide-eyed belief and indiscriminate irrationality, to cute and charming effect. The other way to react to this video is to wonder at what point a parent decides to remove their child from what is clearly a traumatic situation. Apparently it’s not when the kid picks up a chair and begins to BASH HIS OWN HEAD IN OUT OF RAW TERROR. At that point, you should just keep filming, because LOL.

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  1. I cannot stop LOLing

  2. i am so glad i’m alone because i’m cackling like a banshee…. this is HILARIOUS!

    this kid’s obviously suffering from something though….

  3. Are we sure he’s scared? He might be hitting himself in the face with a stool out of ecstasy!

  4. This is the funniest video you’ve posted in weeks! This is amazing!

  5. ahaha the best part is when he looks around for an escape but there is no escape.

  6. The best part of this video is how you can actually just barely hear the thud of the stool over everything else. I also just realized that this child also looks EXACTLY LIKE MYSELF at that tender age. I’m not even exaggerating just a little bit. I’ll even bring out the family photos.

  7. the impulse to bash ones own head in out of terror is so weird. I don’t think that’s a legitimate way to express emotion.

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