America’s bride, Courtney Stodden, whose Facebook account was disabled due to an organized effort on behalf of the married women (?!) has had her Facebook count reinstated! Oh phew. Thank goodness. LIKE! (Get it? Facebook words.)

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  1. It’s weird that she’s having a controversy on Facebook, because everything about her just screams “Myspace”.

  2. She and Zuckerberg had a Heart2treah before they made it facebook official. #swag

  3. I think she might out-Ke$ha Ke$ha.

  4. Oh, good. I was hoping Zuckerberg would come around and allow a child to be objectified in a sexual manner.

  5. I still don’t know who she is and don’t care.

  6. Wait, people were UPSET that her account was pulled?

  7. I’m going to contInue to report her… Mostly because I’m jealous.

  8. if you had to marry courtney stodden or gwyneth paltrow forever who would u choose?

  9. Looks like all the married men managed to bandy together and reinstate Courtney facebook page. Take that, our wives who-we-hate-for-not-being-16!

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