• Jack McBrayer is on 7 Minutes in Heaven With Mike O’Brien and he reads a line from Heat as Kenneth the Page. It’s very, very good. -PopCultureBrain
  • Johnny Depp is wearing boxers up to his chin in the new Rum Diary poster, LADIES! -FilmDrunk
  • Watch this baby make a cry face every time its mom starts singing “Ave Marie.” It’s great! It’s really great. -TheDailyWhat
  • Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks released a new video today featuring Jack Black. It’s for the song “Senator” which, if I can be honest, is kind of a weird song? Whatever. Who cares. Watch it! -Stereogum
  • Gwyneth Paltrow went bowling with Paul McCartney to try to get the rights to Beatles songs for use in the Royal Tennenbaums, but it didn’t work! Also, that movie came out ten years ago! I saw that movie in theaters! THAT IS SO GROSS! -JustJared
  • And here, on the 10th anniversary, the cast of the Royal Tennenbaums talk about how scary Gene Hackman was. -Movefone
  • Cats in Halloween costumes GIF wall, FELLAS! -BWE
  • Woody Allen recently changed the title of his upcoming Jesse Eisenberg/Alec Baldwin/etc. movie from Bop Decameron to Nero Fiddled. Both are terrible, but which one is WORSE? -Movlieline
  • Salon has a very fun article up about the birth of Cartoon Network. It’s fun and I want you to know that there are lots of pictures, in case you don’t like words! -Salon
  • Olivia Wilde is leaving House! That makes sense! I forgot that she was on House! How is House doing lately? Does anyone watch House? Is it STILL not lupus? How great was that House joke? -Celebuzz
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  1. This is going to be the last season of House anyway. Way to abandon a sinking ship, Olivia Wilde!

  2. I was at that 10th anniversary ladies, that bowling story was great, though she forgot to add if she rented shoes or not, I don’t see her wearing someone else’s shoes

  3. My roommate told me he stopped watching Dexter because it was getting too repetitive.

    He still watches House.

  4. So anyone who has seen my tumblr (yes, I am aware that dropping my tumblr just increased the pretentiousness of this comment by 150%, dealwithit.gif) probably knows that I might like Anjelica Huston a little too much, but OH MY GOD, this makes me happy:

    Huston agreed: “I was a lot scared, but I was more concerned with protecting Wes.”

    She’s pretty much a superhero, isn’t she? I bet she and Tilda Swinton hang out together playing chess and discussing economic theory before suiting up and fighting crime. The only reason we all haven’t heard about it is because they are just that good.

  5. What’s weird about that Jicks song? It’s one of the most Pavement-y things Malkmus has done in awhile (aka since before Real Emotional Trash).

  6. House has gotten even more strange. He was in jail when the season opened for running his car into his girlfriend’s house at the end of last season. I think this will be it for House.

  7. Sometimes you wonder if the invective hurled at Gwyneth Paltrow is somehow not entirely appropriate.

    Then you read something like this: “I tried to bribe Paul McCartney,” Paltrow said. “Sex and everything.”

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