Ok, so. “Cards on the table” – Britta, I wasn’t able to watch all of the shows last night. I’m sorry! I’m sorry and no one is more sorry than I am. But I did watch Community and Parks and Recreation which, let’s be honest, are the best ones if we refuse to acknowledge the existence of It’s Always Sunny, which we won’t, so they’re two of the three best ones. OK? Ok, so here we are, all on the same confusingly worded page. Community was the best episode of this season so far, in my opinion. It was very much a “second season”-y episode and it was really, really great. Joel McHale was looking VERY good, and when he and Annie made out? Give me a break. Also I guess the jokes were funny. (The jokes were very funny and the separate timeline plot was excellent — glad to see Community back doing what it’s supposed to be doing! Weird stuff!) Parks and Recreation was very good, too. It was NOT the best episode of the season, but not every episode of every TV show can be the best episode of that TV show’s season. ”Feels really good to have a bunch of little boys be super into me” was great. So was when Aziz asked Adam Scott, “Why so serious?” Do you think Adam Scott is going to leave Pawnee and then be in a semi long-distance relationship with Leslie? Would that even work with the logic of the show? Is the way I mix real names with character names kind of confusing? How great was Whitney? GUYS, LET ME KNOW!

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  2. Community: A-. The ship has righted itself. This is the kind of high-concept, wild Community episode that I love. I was also amused that when Jeff Winger leaves the room, everyone has more fun—and when Troy leave the room, everything falls apart. The first good episode of Community this season. PS: “Bathroom Olives.”

    The Office: B. The cold open with the billboards and the suggestive phallic graffiti made me laugh harder than anything else last night. Dwight’s screaming and maniacal running down the street were great. But the rest of the episode was about Andy’s sad insecurities, which aren’t nearly as funny as his normal insecurities. They’re just sad.

    Parks and Recreation: B. Not the strongest this season. I loved the reveal of Adam Scott as Batman, but the competition between the Pawnee Goddess and the rangers seemed a bit forced. And honestly, shouldn’t Ron have been more glower power and less downy frowny about losing his boys? Ron Swanson shouldn’t pout! I did like the “Swansons” group at the end, but LOL at the idea of so many children (of an appropriate racial/ethnic mix, naturally) in a small town like Pawnee responding to a newspaper ad (?!?) for a kids’ group devoted to brute survival tactics.

    Always Sunny: C+. The story of Young Frank and his brother was not great. “ShaDynasty/ShadyNasty” made me laugh. I liked seeing Lance “The Wire‘s Lt. Cedric Daniels” Reddick in a comic role. But it was a surprisingly laugh-less episode from an otherwise strong season thus far.

    • and I agree about Always Sunny being weird, did laugh at Frank stealing leftovers from the patrons though

    • werttrew, i politely disagree again on Community. i don’t think it was the funniest episode of the season so far[last week], it was certainly the best in terms of what it achieved. the season so far has been darkly, weirdly silly and i’ve loved every minute of it.

      and I am enjoying seeing more of Andy’s humanity, which we are getting more and more involved with. afterall, its essentially what kept Michael Scott from being a jerk of a cartoon character. particularly in later seasons.

      but, we can agree on Always Sunny….it just wasn’t funny. and seeing the usually troll-like John Polito look like a giant compared to Danny DeVito was kind of creepy.

    • Yes wertrew, I LOVE how Jeff, our ostensible hero from season 1, is as kind of turning unlikeable. He has more similarities to Pierce than anyone else, he is incapable of having fun, and the rest of the group would have more fun without his sarcasm and need to be cool.

      What a great concept for a network tv comedy!

    • OFFICE: B-

      I’m definitely being proven wrong on James Spader; he’s killing it. The whole basil vs marmalade conversation was just the best. I wish there was more Ellie Kemper, but her few moments were great. I think I would sum up the show as a fading entity with some real bright spots. Amazing cast, weakening premise.

    • I got mad that there was no callback at the end with the bird taking Kevin’s toupee and then I was mad at myself for being mad at that.
      Anyway, someone hire me to write callbacks.

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    • No internal logic.

      She’s pretty. Therefore, plenty of logic otherwise.

    • It’s been established MANY times she is Leslie’s best friend & female confidant. Just because she isn’t dating 1 of the other characters doesn’t mean she has no reason to be on the show. I’ve never understood that viewpoint. And if that isn’t enough, she works for the Pawnee gov’t, so there’s that.

      • Obviously she is Leslie’s friend, so in social situations or the occasional office drop by for lunch, I can understand.

        If my friend came to my office to chit chat with me as often as Anne did with Leslie, I would probably be fired.

        Yes, now she works for the government, but that seems very forced.

        • But…I want to believe that one day my best friend will be able to leave her job educating children and come chat with me in the middle of the day..it might be fantasy but it’s my dream.

  4. I thought last night’s Parks and Recreation was one of the best episodes! Ron’s rulebook for the group he led to Ben getting acupuncture, the DJ introducing Tom into the office…

    I had a really shitty day yesterday, and this episode really cheered me up.

    • One-Armed Jeff Winger looks like if Hugh Laurie and Abraham Lincoln had a baby.
      Good idea to think of that and store it forever, my brain

    • I hope they keep going back to Earth 3 (or was it 2? i think 3 was Britta)…the Troy Universe…WHATEVER. I hope this keeps popping up. (and i bet that it will!)

      • Brita was Earth 6. She married the pizza boy.

        All we all assuming that the timeline where Abed caught the dice (Earth Prime?) is the one the show will follow? The major deviation it had was that Abed invited Annie to live “there” (share the apartment or just in the building? I was unclear on that pronoun). Several of the other timelines were not drastically different than that one, but I can’t readily recall which.

  5. I keep thinking I’m going to get tired of Troy and Abed’s routine, but I NEVER DO.

  6. Really? I laughed so much at Parks and Rec. “Do any of you have any dietary restrictions?” [children all shake heads] “That’s the correct answer.”

    And I thought this was one of Community’s better episodes, but I was still not that impressed. And I don’t really like the Always Sunny flashback episodes. They never really work for me. (see: The going to the Phillies game a season or two ago.)

    So, I’d say Parks and Rec was my #1, The League #2 (“Everyone come in the Jew fort!”), and the rest was just sort of around the bottom somewhere.

    • Oh! Quick question about The League (which is incredible): what the hell is Jenny doing trading with those guys?? According to the boardShe has Aaron Rodgers, Adrian Peterson, AND Maurice Jones-Drew. I mean, those three alone win her the Shiva/Dre. I expect better from you, Jenny!

  7. This seems like a good place to point out that you should all be watching Suburgatory on Wednesday nights! It is very good, and I don’t want it to be overlooked!

    • I tried to catch up on that last night, but I can’t find it online anywhere. I’ve set my DVR, but I’m at a loss for places to go to watch the first episodes.

    • It got picked up for a full season!

    • Happy Endings, too. Let’s not forget about Happy Endings.

    • I would posit that Suburgatory is kind of the worst, stale, comedy for dullards that ABC is known for. It is painful to watch and paints a picture of suburbia that existed when people imagined what white flight could bring. And what’s even worse is it’s not even the DUMBEST new show (Last Man Standing, Man Up), while pretty dumb. ABC has done well for itself with Modern Family and the incredible Happy Endings. So good. Also, The Middle isn’t terrible. But yes, fuck Suburgatory forever, I spit on your joy.

    • Man I watched the pilot and I thought it was absolutely vile. Just over-cooked cliches about the suburbs and bullying.
      It got better I guess?

      • Nope. Caricatures of charicatures. The only sorta good characters are the Dad and his daughter, but their story lines are pitifully N/F.

        • It seems to be in establishment mode, where everyone that isn’t a main character is a stereotype/cariacature. However, anyone with extended interaction with either character does seem to get fleshed out over time. So, as the series progresses, it will probably be a “once you get past the surface” type situation. I’m thinking something like Daria, which started off with broad strokes, but as time went on, it became a bit more nuanced. Then again, maybe I’m just happy to see Jeremy Sisto and Alan Tudyk in a show, and the lead girl sort of reminds me of Emily Stone.

          • right? and Cheryl Hines started off so….gross and she’s become kind of sweet? I don’t know….I’m going to give it some time. I need SOMETHING to watch between NBC’s Up All Night and Modern Family! HA! y’know? #tvlyfe

  8. A great night of TV. Superb episodes of Community and Philly. Also I love me some Donna and Tom. TREAT YO SELF 201111111. They actually reminded me of a live action Rigby and Mordecai from Regular Show…. wait you said your brother was dead. Yeah, you said that he got his guts sucked through his asshole through a hot dog drain!

  9. Community is back, you guys! Let’s treat ourselves to some toilet olives and watch it on repeat all day long.

    • I think the League’s been overshadowing Sunny this season, so far — especially with Jason Mantzoukas coming on board.

      • I’m never one to request more of my favourite secondary characters – too much of a good thing, et cetera – but Rafi needs a spin off. I would watch the living hell out of a Rafi spinoff.

  10. ben wyatt has shaken up my list of favorite batmans.

  11. Also I NEED a gif of Leslie hearing the Pawnee Ranger’s reasons for wanting to join the Goddess’ and looking confused but slowly nodding. It was my favorite reaction shot of the night.

    • Also a gif of something along the lines of “Chaos already dominates enough of our lives. The universe is an endless raging sea of randomness. Our job isn’t to fight it, but weather it together. On the raft of life, a raft held together by those few rare beautiful things that we know to be predictable.” Pleeeeeeeeesssuuhhh?

  12. First week Always Sunny was not the greatest, but I decided to Treat My Self, and I re-watched Rum Ham, so its all good.

  13. Needles in the face, pleasure in the base.

  14. I want a puppy party.

  15. “IT FEELS FUN!”

  16. Someone mentioned on tumblr that this is the second episode of community this season to feature alternate timelines… am I missing something? I don’t remember the first one.

  17. twilly will not give up.

    SOMEONE has to be watching the all out parade of crazy that is “The Vampire Diaries.” It’s so good people. So much happens in each episode, it’s NEVER boring. There’s romance and fighting and witches and ghosts and vampires and older vampires and high school angst and weird town councils and vampire hunters and werewolves and hybrid vampire/werewolves and bad costume drama flashbacks. It has everything for everyone.

    • Twilly, I have long respected your tv choices (and your tv boyfriend choices), so maybe I’ll start watching. But rest assured, once Bones is back we can freak out together over it.

    • It really is! And the show is both actually good, and campy good at the same time! And it’s the CW, so everyone is so pretty!

  18. Probably already too late for gif requests, but drunk Shirley at the end of Community? “Rest in Pierce”? So great.

  19. REQUEST: gif of Troy pulling out his candy cigarette and eating it. probably my favorite moment from last night.

  20. not thursday night tv, but Psych is back! and i laughed a lot. Especially when Shawn and Gus were arguing with the ten year-olds. and Malcolm McDowell!

  21. Oh, you guys, I’m two episodes behind on The Jersey Shore. I know how much you all love my updates in this here Open Thread every week. I always get all of the upvotes because everyone loves it so much, which tells me you guys are upset I haven’t talked about it in two weeks. I’m really sorry.

  22. Odds on whether or not the evil study group will make a return appearance?

  23. I actually really enjoyed last night’s Sunny. Was it packed with as many laughs as the other episodes this season? No. The laughs it did have were great though. Also, it was the little things for me. Mac nodding off on the bar stool at the beginning, when Dee and Charlie are arguing, only to wake up and then exclaim “Now this is interesting” when Frank and Gino go at each others throats was a great little moment. The “those were the days,” dialogue exchange also fantastic. And the end when Charlie says “Eeeeeeehheeee, that was a little racist” killed me. All in all, I thought it was a solid episode.

  24. Can I get a Millicent Gergich DOTGIF FTW? Jerry may well be the man: tons of money in the bank/pension, smokin’ daughter (who apparently looks just like his as-yet-unseen wife and he’s hung like a mule.

    I still wouldn’t want to be Jerry. But MILLICENT EFFING GERGICH!

  25. Can I get a gif of Anne Perkins hitting herself with the pillow because no one else would? Because that made me so sadhappy.

  26. Also, internet pads.

  27. I found out today I work with someone who got picked to be a Nielsen. I bought her lunch today to put Community on the list!

    Had to share.

  28. I Kinda thought that showing Abed tell Jeff about the different timelines and Jeff replying each time got old after the second time.
    Just me? just me. I can find the door on my own, thanks

  29. I cannot make gifs, but if someone could make me a gif of Ron Swanson smiling at the very end of that episode I would be eternally grateful.

  30. Yeah easily the best Community episode of the season so far, so glad they’re back to the group I loved! Parks and Recreation was great too, Treat Yourself Day is going to be part of my schedule from now on.

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