Feeling, like, crazy encouraged right now. I was kind of expecting sedate, which I admit, in retrospect, was ridiculous. Uh, sedate? From Liz Curtis Higgs? Encourager? ME DON’T THINK-AH SO! We can do whatever we want now. Wear a balloon shirt? That’s just the beginning. How many funny faces can you make? Well MAKE MORE! What’s stopping you? I’ll tell you what’s stopping you: Mr. You Pants. Get out of town, self doubt and reasonable, even mildly-subdued outfits. I want to do something epic, and now I have, excuse me, WE have, the encouragement to do so. Thank you, Liz Curtis Higgs. (Via FourFour.)

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  1. That’s Eddie Murphy under all that makeup and prosthetics, right?

  2. Ohhh, so that’s where they got the bassline for the segues in Seinfeld.

  3. That’s Tim Heidecker right?

  4. She’s good.

  5. I’ll bet these guys went to the same Encouragement College

  6. She is the author of a book I really love. Did not know she was also a motivational speaker.

  7. UNRELATED: Is anyone else seeing ads for a CD by someone called The Barr Brothers? Because one of them is definitely David Krumholtz, right? That’s not just me?

  8. i know, but still…

  9. Liz Curtis Higgs Tour Rider:

    1 — Cat Calendar
    1 — Clipped copy of today’s “Cathy.”
    1 — Lean Cuisine Chicken with Lasagna Rollatini

  10. I know it’s a little sophomoric but that screen cap would make a great “Haters Gonna Hate” poster.

  11. Noted author of “You do NOT want to see me before I’ve had my coffee in the morning!” t-shirts.

  12. I want to watch her make all of the faces.

  13. how’d you get a hold of bruce vilanch’s reel?

  14. I’m not witty like most commenters on videogum, but I will say – I don’t get this video. She’s a lady acting silly. With an audience, apparently. I’m not saying that I would be in that audience, but I think it’s bad form to laff at performers who attract a hall full of people.

    Non sequiter, but I also think (and I am ducking b/c I know you are throwing things at me as I speak, and I am drinking) that Americans waste a LOT of time and energy and do more harm than good by laughing at their opponents. They laugh at the politicians, but fail to appreciate that those politicians represent REAL PEOPLE living in the world. It’s easier, I suppose, to laugh at a politician than it is to laugh at your next door neighbour. You don’t want to look at your next door neighbour in the eye and call him or her a small minded bigot. You’re too civilized; you would never do that.

    In my opinion, political activity needs to retreat from the figure-heads and needs to start at your door. Not by telling your next-door neighbour that he/she is a bigot (get real with yourself – if you buy into the Daily Show, you start to judge your next-door neighbour – you do!) but by telling your next door neighbour that you have things in common with him/her. Find the things in common.

    I am a horrible long-winded, non-witty, lecturing commenter (without ANY moral authority); I am sorry for this but I also kind of like my idea and I am too lazy to write it in pen so I will post it, so I can find it again.

    • I don’t get this…where is the spam link?

    • One thing I have in common with my neighbor is that we live on the same street, and another thing is that the postman delivers our mail at like almost the exact same time…another is that if it’s raining at my house, usually I’ll give her a call and she’ll be like, yeah, it’s raining here too, stop calling me, and I’ll be like, no, you stop calling me, it’s just like this cute game we like to play on the phone, it’s another thing we have in common…

  15. an extra bit – when I talk about ‘bigots’ I don’t necessarily mean racist people. My experience has been that with a lot of left-leaning people (who won’t even admit that they are left-leanining), I find myself grouping them into a lump – and also right-leaning people: they speak vitriolically about ideas that they aren’t willing to follow through on in their daily life, when it comes down to it.

  16. Mondays, amiright? lol :>)

    Have a blessed weekend,

    Aunt Liz

    ~*~*~And when there were was but one set of footsteps in the sand, it was then that Jesus rode off into the waves on a surfboard made of love, and wood.~*~*~

    ~*~*~”Meat. And Jesus.” – Rick Perry, TX~*~*~

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