There is no doubt in my mind that people growing up today are going to have a much different relationship with technology than people growing up when I grew up (two years ago) and people growing up with Gabe grew up (1950s). And when THEIR kids grow up they’ll probably be like, “I can’t believe you ever existed in a time when you couldn’t download knowledge directly into your brain. You’re telling me that you had to go to a place every day to LEARN it? What does that word even mean, LEARN? It must have been taken out of the iOED many years ago, mom, you are so stupid I don’t even believe you.” Because that’s how the world works. I bet when all the kids were using printing presses their parents were like, “Can you believe how quickly these kids picked up the printing press? I still prefer just making copies in writing. How can you trust the printing press? I barely trust the quill pens!” You know, HISTORY? You can’t teach an old human new technology faster than you can teach a new baby new technology, as the saying goes. But this video of a baby touching a magazine? Look at the YouTube description of it, first of all:

Technology codes our minds, changes our OS. Apple products have done this extensively. The video shows how magazines are now useless and impossible to understand, for digital natives. It shows real life clip of a 1-year old, growing among touch screens and print. And how the latter becomes irrelevant.


This is just a baby pointing at and scrunching the pages in a magazine, like any dumb baby would! That baby doesn’t even know how to use an iPad! IT’S HOLDING IT UPSIDE DOWN! If that baby is so smart, why doesn’t that baby turn the iPad around the right way and do anything other than hit it, basically? Huh? Answer me that, NAMELESS YOUTUBE PERSON. Also if this baby is so smart, why didn’t she tell you you were holding your phone camera wrong and that your video would be almost impossible to watch? Not to be a jerk about it, but why didn’t she correct you? If she’s such a tech wiz who can’t even comprehend the difference between a magazine and an iPad? Although I don’t disagree that technology has a huge impact on how we all relate to the world around us, I DO disagree that a magazine will be “an iPad that doesn’t work” for your baby for HER ENTIRE LIFE! C’mon, dad. Daaaaaaaad. “Why doesn’t this iPad work?” — That baby with a magazine, age 26. (I rest my case.) (Via SayOMG.)

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  1. Speaking of babies and magazines, I’m just gonna leave this thing right here…

  2. Cats and babies have an identical grasp on how to use an ipad.

  3. Before ipads, babies weren’t interested in shiny, bright things that reacted to their touch. That’s just common sense.

  4. “Human diets evolve and soon people will be able to become self sustaining machines. The video shows how food as it is traditionally known will become useless. It shows real life clip of a 1-year old, picking her nose and eating it and then refusing to eat baby food. And how the latter becomes irrelevant.”

  5. Parents like this are the reason that my uterus has been rated NC-17, no one under the age of 18 allowed in.

  6. If you love your iPad, your baby will love it too. They like to copy the grownups.

  7. my kids will not know the luxury of iPads or magazines, so that I need not to worry.

  8. what a dumb baby

  9. I have neither a baby nor an Ipad…this video, I don’t get it.

  10. You know what? I think this dude just really misses Steve Jobs and he needed to feel like he had something relevant to say. So he made his daughter into a connection between himself and a smart businessman who did not know about him, or care about him at all.
    Or maybe I’m just a little sensitive because I like magazines and I can’t afford an iPad. Hmm.

  11. Yeah, I don’t really trust the grand sweeping generalizations about technology and evolution from a guy who can’t figure out which way to hold his camera.

  12. Why would the dad think that his baby knows that an iPad and a magazine can be used for the same thing, and that therefore one doesn’t work? Yeah, they’re both objects, both flat and both have pictures, but why would the baby assume that one was a broken version of the other? Baby’s don’t assume anything, do they? You can play snooker on an iPad – but where’s the video of the baby scratching a snooker table with the caption, “Yo dad, why is your iPad snooker app bust?” I don’t think it exists, because all of this is meaningless!

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