Within the first 30 seconds she references 9/11, talks about America being #1, and asks the cab driver if he knows “Jesu Christo,” and then there are still 15 more minutes of serious problem solving and getting to the bottom of this whole capitalism thing (“poor people don’t create jobs”). Thank you, Victoria Jackson. Thank you, PATRIOT.

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  1. At least she is her own worst enemy and doesn’t realize she’s putting up video that makes her look like a complete idiot.

  2. We’ve known about it for a long time now, but it still throws me off a little that the woman who specialized in playing the harmless ditz on SNL turned out to be a world class asshole. A world classhole, if you will.

  3. 2011 Victoria Jackson sounds like 2011 Axl Rose sings

  4. I’m confused. Is that Victoria Jackson or Peter Billingsley in A Christmas Story?

  5. Yup, still coconuts.

  6. Oh man, “Aww that’s your bible?” and I’m out.

  7. I clicked play on this yesterday figuring I’d watch 30 seconds of it – but ended up watching all of it. It’s actually a pretty great video. I know she’s actually insane, but it’s almost like she’s undercover pretending to be insane and actually making a video to help the protest. She picks the sweetest, smartest dude to recite Glenn Beck talking points to, which (even though they make no sense in the first place) she doesn’t even understand enough to really even get right. And each time he really calmly and and nicely debunks each one as the bullshit it is. And then, no response to his debunking of course, she just moves on to the next one. Until he’s called her out on every inch of that nonsense, and she shows that only a mentally-challenged kid could actually continue believe any of it. fucking beautiful.

    • She could not have picked a more patient, cool-headed dude to talk to. That dude is aces. I am also a fan of Wacky Glasses Guy at the end.

      It’s actually amazing that she posted that video – she obviously truly doesn’t understand what’s going on (in general).

      • yeah, the idea that she would go home, watch that, and be like “this will help the cause I was speaking for!” – just seems impossible.

        I’m not actually up on her craziness. maybe her life is some kind of Borat-style hoax. except kind of in reverse, where the satire makes good people look good, instead of making racist-ish people look very racist.

    • i watched this after reading your description and i felt the same way you did. those guys were so great! and with her silly baby voice, asking her unbelievably dumb baby questions, she made the entire movement look so good.

      no thanks to that weird blonde be-wigged person with the mustache and the exposed breasts, being a goofball in the beginning. YOU ARE NOT HELPING.

      p.s. hey, guy in the top right corner at 9:40. HOW YOU DOIN’?? call me.

    • For a long time I’ve been convinced that she’s pulling a hoax on the Tea Party. I ended up watching the whole video and being impressed by how crazy smart her interview subjects ended up being about any question she lobbed at them; religion, economical, conspiratorial, etc. It would have been very easy to confront a teenager in a tie dye shirt and white boy dreds who didn’t know the complicated history of Wall St’s corrupt tentacles.

  8. why this lady talkin’ like a baby?

  9. this video was hard to watch i had to mute it every time Victoria Jackson spoke a sentence longer than 1 second. Does anyone else actually physically react in the same way they would when they hear nails on a chalkboard when they hear the Victoria Jackson talk.

  10. My speakers are actually making that static-crackle sound every time she speaks.

  11. I’ll bet her Bible-study group is lots of fun.

  12. Obama is in bed with the corporations! (He has a picture of the head of GE in his wallet). He’s also a Marxist!

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