Last week, we had the privilege of watching a tiny British princess named Sophia Grace rapping Nicki Minaj’s hit “Superbass” pretty much perfectly, no matter what ANYONE says about how she maybe missed a few parts in some verses. She was so great! And today, because Ellen is nothing if not a dream-maker, she had Sophia Grace and her tiny blonde friend on (in their princess costumes, which seems kiiiind of weird) to meet and sing for Nicki Minaj herself. And it is great, too! My favorite parts are, first, when she pushes away the blonde girl, and second, when they show her father (I assume?) crying in the audience. (Or maybe he is just an emotional stranger?) Whatever, it’s all great. Except that now I feel VERY badly for that blonde girl. You poor thing! I’m sorry you got dragged into this! I’m sure you have many wonderful talents! (Via TheDailyWhat.)

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  1. They’re grooming the little blond girl to have a starring role in the next series of Entourage, which will be exactly the same as this series of Entourage, except with little tiny girls.

  2. Let’s just hope it stops here, before she’s invited on Good Morning America. The impersonation does not need to go THAT far.

  3. “We’ll take it from here” -Ark Music Factory

  4. I’m still waiting to hear her do “Roman’s Revenge.”

  5. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love it that little kids cannot breathe normally. “Either I’m gasping or I’m not breathing; why, how are we supposed to be doing it?” -Kids

    • My words are coming out to fast but my brain is moving even faster and I can’t even keep up and get my words out fast enough and I don’t even have time to think about breathing oh shit I’m about to die *GAAASSSSPPPP* now where was I? Oh yeah there was a dragon with a tail that was like a lion’s tail and the princess was riding on it but then they ran into a mountain and there were lions there but with dragon’s tails and they roared at them so then the dragon turned around and the princess was like “Don’t turn around yet there are rubies in that mountain” and then *GAAAASSSSSPPPPPP*

  6. When do you think the last time was that Nicky Minaj walked into a room and everyone didn’t start screaming?

  7. Second Marshmallow Records presents…

  8. So, basically Ellen is now Daniel Tosh, but only for adorable viral video stars? Tune in next week to see who gets an Awwwww CUUUUTE! Redemption on the next “Lesb.0.”

  9. You guys, I don’t think Nicki Minaj called everyone she knew and received a billion emails in five seconds.

  10. this little girl is going to forever assume she will always get everything she wants. maybe that’s why her dad was crying?

  11. So at first I was making fun of the random crying people in the audience and then the little girl started singing again and something flew in my eye and whoops just finished my kleenex box

  12. What’s the name of that comedy/magic duo where one of them doesn’t speak? These two cuties remind me of them.

  13. I can’t wait to see what further uses the “crying dads” tag is put to.

  14. I hope it WAS an emotional stranger and not her dad, that way I wouldn’t feel quite so embarrassed for noting that someone in this room might have teared up a teeny bit upon watching this clip.

  15. Ellen clearly auditioning for the part of Gilligan in a Gilligans island movie here with that outfit.

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