You know how Rob Lowe’s hair has been long and kind of always sweaty looking on this season of Parks & Rec? Very gross and distracting, they should put a bag on it? Well, there is a reason! And it’s boring! And has nothing to do with Parks & Rec!

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  1. It’s because he’s doing a Lifetime movie? That not a boring reason, that’s a terrible reason! Does he have some kind of exorbitant child support payments or something?

  2. Ugh. Even with the longer hair, I feel like they could do something handsome with it. Maybe have him style it in a Swanson Sweep as some sort of weird attempt at bonding? Really, lit-rully anything would be better than the middle-aged Beiber thing he has going on would be better.

  3. I think the real news here is that Rob Lowe spent all his Parks and Rec money on magic beans, because that’s the only reason he should be doing Lifetime movies.

  4. Remember the episode where everyone kept showing Ann their penises? I seriously thought he was going to show her his and she was going to be like, “Oh no, you’re really sick,” and then she’d name some disease where one of the symptoms is weird floppy stringy hair.

    Seriously. That hair was so bad I thought Chris Traeger was DYING.

  5. I thought this post was going to explain Rob Lowe’s gross existence on Parks and Recreation. I’m sorry, I just don’t understand why he’s there? :/

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