Your boyfriend, the country singer Hank Williams Jr., has been in the news a lot lately, ever since he went on FOX & Friends and said that Barack Obama playing golf with John Boehner was “one of the biggest political mistakes ever. Like Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu.” Right. I mean, that is just a goooood analogy. We can all agree that Barack Obama is almost TOO MUCH like Hitler, and also that Hitler and Netanyahu probably wouldn’t play golf together. (If for no other reason than Netanyahu was born in 1949.) Incidentally, if you really wanted to call Barack Obama to Hitler and compare him to someone that represented “good,” you could probably do better than Netanyahu? Dude seems like kind of a dick. Next time that Hank Williams Jr. goes on TV he should probably say that Obama playing golf with Boehner was like “Hitler playing golf with Israeli Prime Minister Mother Teresa.” It will be factually impossible and complete nonsense, but so is everything that comes out of this dude’s mouth, apparently. But, so, as you know, because you live together and share his and hers Kohler sinks in your refinished bathroom, Williams Jr. has come under fire and lost his NFL theme song job (“job”) and has been making the rounds of television talk shows where he refuses to apologize and then offers sage bits of down home country wisdom like this gem from his appearance on The View:

Good luck, you two! Put a baby on it! (Via BuzzFeed.)

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  1. That apology was as useless as a trapdoor on a canoe

  2. So when is it appropriate to kick a cow turd, Hank Williams, Jr.? WHEN?

  3. This is actually almost word-for-word a quote from Harry S Truman (easily one of the most quotable presidents, no joke). But I’m willing to bet Hank Williams doesn’t know that.

  4. Well, you’re certainly doing a good job at dressing your boyfriend for television.

  5. The only thing that’s surprising to me about any of this is that Hank Williams Jr. somewhat knows who Netanyahu is.

  6. Not to defend Mr. Jr., but I don’t think he meant Netanyahu to represent “good” so much as “Jew.”

    • ” ‘Good’ is not synonymous with ‘Jew.’ ”

    • To be fair to Hank Williams Jr, an expert songwriter if ever there was one, I’m pretty sure that a man with his particular gift of rhyme, and with the intention you imply, would have simply called him “NetanyaJew.”

  7. the video cuts off the completion of the sentence. he says, “but if you muss /hear Bosephus/be sure to call/are you ready for some football?!”

  8. It’s not his fault that he’s like that; it’s a family tradition.

  9. Speaking of cow turds on The View, how about that Sherri Shepherd? She is horrible.

  10. So basically he’s asking everyone not to kick him on a hot day. Because I think it’s common knowledge that Hank Williams Jr = cow turd.

    However, Winter is coming, so kick away.

  11. Things that make you go

  12. am i the only one who is concerned about where all of his “rowdy friends” will go, now that he’s no longer on Monday Night Football? shit is about to go down, people!

  13. Which one is Hank?

  14. I think my favorite thing about Hank is his smug, self-satisfied, somewhat resentful disdain for the world that isn’t Hank. That’s always something I find attractive, especially in a person who doesn’t seem to be very creative, interesting or helpful.

    • I like his look. I mean, I really like his look. Lady sunglasses, an unkempt beard, a sports jersey that looks like it has food stains on it… seriously is that mustard on the arm or just pit awesomeness?

      You see a man like that and you get a pretty good idea that whatever he’s going to say will absolutely make sense and will not be crazy at all — whether he says it on The View, at Thanksgiving dinner or maybe on a street corner somewhere during rush hour.

  15. he’s squandering all those years of hard-earned credibility!

  16. I’m just gonna put my Hank Williams Jr. story right here: Once upon a time I lived in Nashville and I was down on 2nd Ave. when this here gem of a man hit on me, offering to give me a “personal tour” of the building he just bought (innuendo included). I was totally grossed out, called him a creepy old redneck, and used some other choice words to describe the unlikelihood him ever having a chance with me. Now, I had no idea that he was famous, I honestly thought he was just some creepster, but my friend Cheryl, apparently the super fan, got so mad at me because it wasn’t cool of me to turn down the sexual advances of the son of a legend or something (?). We ended up getting into such a big fight over this that SHE LEFT ME downtown! So I ended up having to take a $40 cab ride home (which was more than all of my money, I had to give the driver my walkman) all because this douchebag decided to open his mouth. Stop opening your mouth Hank Williams Jr.!

    • You gave away your Walkman, and your avatar has been naked ever since…

      That story is excellent.

    • For goodness sake woman, the dude OWNED A BUILDING. He owned it. Like, he bought it with money people gave him for being awesome. How many guys do you know that own buildings? Name them. I’ll give you ten seconds to think of one guy that owns a building. You really need to rethink your standards.

      • money people gave him for his father being awesome, which isn’t impressive

        i’d probably rather get with Chet Haze, he’s the superior musician

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