Girls, you may think that you’ve seen just about every iteration of Pride & Prejudice that you could ever want or dream of or need or care about or ever want to see, but did you know that the last major Pride & Prejudice movie, the Keira Knightly one, came out in 2005? SIX YEARS AGO?! (Unfortunately Pride and Prejudice and Zombies still doesn’t seem to be working out, but we can all keep our fingers crossed as tightly as we can, and maybe when they’re crossed we can try to put a bunch of rings on them, like a ring that would fit one finger over both of the fingers, just so we know that they’re crossed really tightly? That’s just an idea but it sounds like a very good one.) (Also, Pride & Predator.) Six years is certainly way too many years between Pride & Prejudices! “But we live in a different world now,” you’re probably thinking. “It’s so modern, the world we live in. How will we relate to a period drama that takes place many years in the past, like a LOT of years in the past?” Well, maybe if you’d just shut up for two seconds you’d understand that lady director Nora Ephron is going to be doing a MODERN TAKE! From Variety:

Sony and Nora Ephron have found a new project to collaborate on: The “Julie and Julia” helmer is attached to direct “Lost in Austen,” a modern take on “Pride and Prejudice.” The story follows a modern Gotham girl transported into the middle of Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice.”

DUH, ARE YOU HAPPY NOW? The movie will be based on a BBC miniseries of the same name, written by Guy Andrews. And to sweeten the deal a little (right? this is a deal? all of this is making sense?), we’ve got an exclusive look at a description of the opening scene that sets up the whole movie that is VERY EXCLUSIVE and makes A LOT OF SENSE! I can’t even believe how exciting this is girls, I’m not even ready but let’s do this anyway.

Kelly, which is the name of the main character in the movie, wakes up in her very large bedroom in a nice area of Brooklyn, NY. She looks perfect, but a little groggy. A dog jumps on the bed and it is the cutest dog. “iRobot, bring me my coffee please,” she asks her robot. “Surely!” says iRobot. The iRobot gets her the coffee and the coffee tastes very good. Her bedroom is very stylish and very modern. She has a very modern haircut with bangs that look normal, if not a little TOO modern and nice. She gets up and walks over to her closet to pick out an outfit. “iCloset, pick me out an outfit.” The closet is like the closet from Clueless and it picks her out an outfit and before you know it she’s dressed and ready for the day. Her outfit looks great and is very metallic. She puts on her helmet and gets on her floaty motor scooter and floats to work. She tolerates her job at an office but it’s not what she is passionate about, which is reading. “What’s that gross thing,” asks a coworker. “It’s a book,” says Kelly. “OH GROSS.” says the coworker and then they go away. “Why doesn’t anyone feel the same way about reading as I do?” thinks Kelly, “Is it because books don’t even exist anymore, that’s how modern life is?” Then she gets up, drops the book, and accidentally trips on a hologram. The hologram electrocutes her while her foot is on the book and she gets transported into the book. “WHERE AM I?” she asks. “You’re home,” says Mr. Bingley, who is a character in the book.

OMG THAT SOUNDS SO GOOD. I cannot wait for this movie, I already want to be best friends with the main character.

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  1. Oh for fuck’s sake.

  2. And in the end, Pride and Prejudice were the same person all along TWIST!

  3. I hope it takes place in Austin, Texas.

  4. So is she transported into the fictional world of the book, or does she travel through time to a place where these characters exist? And if she’s transported into the book, is it literally into the book? Does she have to be miniaturized, or is it bigger on the inside? And if there’s time travel, is part of the story about her figuring out a way to get back to her own time? Does she invent the flux capacitor? Does she steal a Klingon warship? Does she bring rock and roll to Victorian England? As you can see, I have so many questions.

  5. And in the end, Batman creates a time machine and rescue her! #Gotham

  6. WHY WOULD YOU RUIN LOST IN AUSTEN WITH A MOVIE VERSION?! It’s so delightfully dumb. Mr. Wickham is so cute. Mr. Darcy reminds me of Heath Ledger a little bit. River Song and Lord Grantham play Mr. and Mrs. Bennet. I love it. So much. We don’t need a movie version of a miniseries.

  7. Here’s my guess: fictional, yes, tardis, yes, no, no and definitely.

  8. It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a Hollywood in possession of no good ideas, must be in want of more Jane Austen movies.

  9. Does no one realize there are other Jane Austen books? Some with only generally okay adaptations or adaptations featuring BILLIE PIPER.

    • SHHHHHH. I will not have Persuasion befouled! It already suffered through Bridget Jones 2: Only Tangentially Related to the Original Source Material. As much as I love P&P, I will accept that it sacrificed itself so that its sisters might retain dignity.

      Yes, I just anthropomorphized Austen’s literary oeuvre. SHUT UP I’M STILL COOL YOU DON’T KNOW ME.

    • which one has billy piper? gross.

      I actually love the BBC’s adaptation of Emma from a few years ago. Have never got through the book, but loved the series.

      • Yeah that version of Emma kind of got me back into the whole Austen oeuvre. Except for how I still haven’t read anything besides P&P years ago. But now I’ve seen all the movies!

      • I believe that Billie Piper is in a BBC Mansfield Park from a few years ago. I have not seen it because I cannot really reconcile her with the character. I have nothing against Billie Piper, but sometimes it is nice just to have the version in my head.

        I did really like the Persuasion with Sally Hawkins, which was part of the same Austenmania.

  10. Sigh. I will go see this, thus ending my streak of Never Giving Nora Ephron My Money.

  11. also, i know it’s not Jane Austen, but has everyone seen the latest Jane Eyre? It’s freaking amazing*. Fassbender is the best.

    *well, I liked it.

  12. No one can beat the sexiness of Mr. Firth in the BBC P&P

  13. I snorted at the part where she tripped on a hologram. So thanks, my lab mates are definitely convinced I’m doing work right now.

  14. I think it’s important to note that they said Gotham instead of New York. The Batman/Austen crossover that we’ve probably all been waiting for? Is the girl Poison Ivy? Is it finally the movie about Mr. Darcy fighting Poison Ivy that I am sure we’ve all been waiting for?

  15. The Pride & The Prejudice

  16. I actually saw the BBC version of Lost in Austen. It’s available on Netflix.

    The girl was teleported into the Pride and Predjudice time era through a secret door in her shower. it was super cheesy.

  17. Lost in Austen is not really a retelling or a modern take on Pride and Prejudice. It’s more like a spin-off or even fanfic. And yes, as Funky Brewster commented, it was super cheesy.

  18. Lost in Austen is actually a complete departure from P&P–more like choose your own adventure AND it wasn’t a BBC production, but rather an ITV production. Girls don’t get your hopes up at a retelling of Jane Austen…most strict Austenites will cringe at the plot line, while the ones with major Darcy fantasies might cheer a little. That bein said, I’m excited to see what Ephron, Queen of Rom-Coms, will brew.

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