Thank you, maestro. Good musical interlude. And now back to our blog, already in progress. (Via Rats Off.)

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  1. Is anyone else legitimately creeped out by this?

  2. It really bothers me that so much of the viral video industry is moving to Asia. Thanks, Obama!

  3. I’m impressed that dog managed a V-I cadence in such an atonal piece of music.

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    • Okay but if you know the joke you’re making is racist then… why say it? There’s not even a joke actually, it’s just an awkward racist statement and then you point out that you’re being racist in order to make yourself seem not racist because somehow that’s how racism works? What’s funny here.

  5. The Greeks perfected philosophy, the Romans perfected war, the Americans perfected capitalism, and the Japanese have perfected cute. If only “cute” was a way to dominate the world.

  6. This just reminds me of my dog, who has figured out that pawing at our precious gadgets (bluetooth keyboard, TV remote, iPhone, what have you) will get her INSTANT attention. :(

  7. Stupid trust-fund puppies. Wasting their owners’ hard-earned money on art school and majoring in “sound installations.”

  8. That’s not a real puppy… That’s too small to be a real puppy!

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