Who hosted this episode, Jason Sudeikis? It seemed like Jason Sudeikis was in almost every sketch! Not that I’m complaining necessarily, it was just kind of an odd thing. And you know what else was an odd thing? BEN STILLER’S FACE! I certainly hate to be the type of blogger that you see in a movie about a blogger who is just super mean to celebrities, but, Ben Stiller! Your face! What is wrong with it! In the opening monologue he talked about how it was Yom Kippur and that he hadn’t eaten all day, which segued into a kind of funny Jewish Willy Wonka bit, but all I could think was that it looked like he hadn’t eaten in about a million days. I understand that he is an aging human and he’s going to keep looking older until he eventually dies, like we all will, but do aging humans also have to get all the stuff sucked out of their faces? Maybe they do. I guess I’ll have to wait and see. Other than his face, this episode was unfortunately not the best. I realize that sentence didn’t make sense and would have made more sense if I could have said, “Other than his face, this episode was great,” but that just wasn’t the case. It featured a few recurring sketches that felt about as worn out as Ben Stiller’s face (I’m sorry, Ben Stiller!) and then a few sketches about current events that were generally pretty good, but not good enough to keep the whole episode afloat.

I liked the Mitt Romney cold open. It was fairly short and to the point, which is always a plus, and the point was a pretty funny point! Not a bad way to start.

The recurring Lincoln Financial commercials seemed tired before the first one even ended. The Bill Hader one was my favorite of the three, but it was disappointing when it came on. Like, “Ugh, not this again.” It was funnier than I expected, though, like I just said. This was the best one.

But then the last one was not very good again.

The digital short seemed a little out of touch to me? I could be wrong, but I feel like making jokes about deep v-necks is a thing that should’ve ended a little bit of time ago. Nobody’s making jokes about deep v-necks anymore. But also the sentence “nobody’s making jokes about deep v-necks anymore” is just about the worst sentence anyone could ever write. So I guess it’s a draw.

I’m on the fence about the Shanna sketches. I like the idea and I like Kristen Wiig, no duh, but they take REALLY long to get to the main disgusting joke part most of the time. And when you’re just waiting and waiting for the sketch to get to the main joke, it can kind of kill the main joke once it finally arrives. This one played out that same way. Nooooot great.

The Fox and Friends sketch was good! They made good use out of the Hank Williams Jr. thing, I think. Stuck pretty close to the source material. I liked it great job.

Stefon is absolutely the best. I never want to be a person who doesn’t like Stefon. But with that said, I kind of haven’t liked Stefon the last few times we’ve seen him. Sad stuff. I think he is a great character and I love him so much, but also he is a character that does only the same thing every time. I don’t want to be sick of him! But I fear that I am maybe getting sick of him. Unfortunately. R.I.P me, personally, not being sick of Stefon. I’ll always love you and remember you. Also this segment is where Ben Stiller’s scary face was really highlighted, sorry Ben Stiller.

Nan Washington never ending pancake joke was kind of funny!

And, finally, a Columbus Day juggalo commercial. I had lukewarm feelings about this too, unfortunately. Not very funny and something we’ve all seen a bunch of times before.

Lots of boring, lukewarm feelings about this episode! There was also that sketch with Hugh Jackman, but for some reason it’s not up online anywhere. Oh well. Also, not to be an old person, but WHAT’S WITH THAT FOSTER THE PEOPLE SONG? A pop song about shooting kids at your school because you like their sneakers? Or something? Do I need to turn my hearing aid up? HOW IS THAT A POPULAR SONG THAT IS ALLOWED TO EXIST?

Next week: Anna Farris and Drake. Yay for both of those!

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  1. I can’t take anymore Kristen Wiig. She plays the same two or three over-the-top, annoying characters in every sketch. Anyways, Bill Hader’s Clint Eastwood was the highlight of the episode for me.

  2. Man, Wiig is REALLY starting to wear on me.

    • I just fast forward through her pieces because they’re all the same and they’ve never made me laugh. I used to just call her nervous shaky voice girl. Hated her then*, hated her now.

      *Don’t hate her in 2 a-holes. Love that sketch. More Sudakis! (Sorry Kelly.)

  3. I AM SO ON BOARD WITH YOU re: the Foster the People song! It’s like, what? Like, I can totally get behind the juxtaposition of the grim lyrics and the poppy song, but it’s not even cleverly written. It’s Very plain and unremarkable, and catchy, and inoffensive unless you stop dancing and realize it’s about a school shooting.

  4. JSuds can host it all anytime he wants. It is a welcome change from last season where he barely seemed to be there.

  5. Fun fact: The Bruce Springsteen sketch about the album that consisted only of jokes and stage patter? It’s was a real (disastrous) album–done by Elvis.


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    • I don’t know if anyone else has noticed it, but it seems like everyone in my Facebook feed is always listening to Foster the People on Spotify,

    • I said it on Twitter and I’ll say it again. Saw FTP live last week and they put on one heckuva show. Great great great show. Obviously live show energy can’t come through in an SNL performance and for that reason they didn’t appear spectacular, but trust me, those guys are great.

    • Aw, shucks. I loved how the lead singer did a super joyous hipster dance but kept a totally straight face the entire time. ALSO, I believe the maracas player was doing Robot Maracas. As SNL musical performances go, theirs was very successful!

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  7. Anna Faris is going to make me laugh so much next week and Drake is going to make me wonder if fame is really all it is cracked up to be so much next week.

  8. “Italian Reggae singer Rasta Primavera” is one of the funniest jokes ever made.

  9. Aww. I liked this episode. Thought it was pretty strong. I laughed at least a little at almost every sketch (definitely not at the Shanna one though) and oh my god I had no idea that was the subject matter of the Foster the People song.

  10. My only issue with Stefon is that thing in which all of his things end up being midgets dressed up strangely. I want more puns with club promoters and really weird stuff in the clubs. And less hitting on Seth Meyers, that makes the character less amazing.

  11. I think people worry too much about the lyrics of that Fo.P. song. It’s just something fun for moms to run on the treadmill to, anyway.

  12. I liked the Digital Short! Like, a lot. That was good!

    I also liked the Juggalo sketch. I literally lol’d when they referenced Dinosaurs and playing Farmville with Khaleid Sheikh Mohammad. Gold.

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