• Vulture has an interview with Bryan Cranston that you should read aaaaannd… -Vulture
  • AV Club has an interview with Giancarlo Esposito that you should ALSO read! Soak it all in before it’s all over. -AV Club
  • Please watch Russell Brand play a total Johnny Depp weirdo in this new Noel Gallagher music video. Really cementing his position as our favorite guy, this guy! -Stereogum
  • Movie producer Rick Schwartz wants to talk to you about why movies suck so much lately. -Grantland
  • Here is a commercial for a Keyboard Cat doll? I don’t know if this is real. It certainly looks like it’s real and it wouldn’t SURPRISE me if it were real, but I don’t know. I half really hope no one every buys this and then I half really hope that everyone buys it for me. -TheDailyWhat
  • Want to watch Amy Poehler, Aubry Plaza, and Rashida Jones eat candy for a few minutes? You do! I know you do because I did. -Buzzfeed
  • I know this is none of our business, but would you like to read about the weekend Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively had together in Boston? -Dlisted
  • Did you know that Pink was going to be in a movie? That’s weird. I don’t think I would like to see Pink in a movie. Is she still married to that BMX guy? I know they got a divorce a while back, but did they get back together? Very important question. -JustJared
  • Beavis and Butt-Head are back? -Celebuzz
  • Cinemark theaters will not carry Tower Heist if they release it On Demand for $59.99!!!!!!!!! SIXTY DOLLARS!!!!! TO SEE A MOVIE!!!!!!!! IN YOUR HOME!!!!!!! That is the craziest thing I’ve ever read. I know that they aren’t, but I hope Cinemark is not going to show it if that happens just because of how ridiculous it is. -Movieline
  • Have you met Sesame Street’s new hunger muppet Lily yet? -Salon
  • Image via -Slashfilm
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  1. $59.99 for a movie I want to see is ridiculous. $59.99 for a movie that I might watch if it came on Comedy Central when there was nothing else on TV is an insult.

  2. Oh good, Russell Brand and Noel Gallagher, my two favorite people.

    (These are not my two favorite people. Although, admittedly, I DO like the songs I’ve heard from that CD)

  3. Kelly, your psuedo-fake-enthusiasm about these links every afternoon is great, just, so great. It turns my frowns upside down and sometimes my already-existing smiles into more intense, passerby-frightening smiles. Thought you should know.

  4. Do I understand the complaints against movies? Sure.

    Do I understand how movies are made? Of course.

    Will I draw on my experience and knowledge of film making to answer the question posed in the thesis of this very article? Get real kid.

  5. Seriously, Grantland is the WORST.

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