I thought last night was pretty good across the board. Nothing really stood out to me too much as being a clear “best of the night,” but they were all certainly enjoyable. Omar was great on Community, I thought. I forget the exact line but when he said the thing about legos — “I’m not saying I have a problem with it, I just want to know what happened.” Hahah. That was very good! I do feel like the “aren’t we a weird, codependent group” thing is something I’m A LITTLE tired of, but then again ”aren’t we a weird codependent group” is pretty much the basis of Community and Community is my favorite show on Thursdays. Sooooo. I guess that’s why it’s my favorite show? Because I am a crazy person. Abed’s face in the final scene was perfect. Parks and Recreation was a great blend of funny and heartwarming, no doy. “Ben, I’m cute with everybody,” and “Is she going to powder her vagina?” were great. The waffles speech was a delight. The Office was fine. One thing I’ll say about it is I think I actually really like Andy as the boss — the scene where he was explaining to Darrel why he didn’t get the job was very good. Whitney was perfect as always, LOTS of really funny, fresh stuff that didn’t even make me upset at all. And on FX, It’s Always Sunny was very funny. I know I’m throwing out a lot of quotes today but, “You guys all better eat a dick” was my favorite thing of the night. Lots of LOLs. The League premiered, which is exciting, but it’s unfortunate that it has never really lived up to its first season. In my opinion. We’ll see though! It was only the first episode. Also: Seth Rogan. GOOOOOD night, over all.

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  1. Community: D+. Perhaps the worst episode of Community ever? The Chang side-plot went from mildly amusing to tired to over-the-top unfunny; the weird self-obsessed Study Group dynamic is getting boring. I want the group to do stuff, not talk about the group.

    This is the third middling-to-dud episode in a row. Community has been my favorite show on television over the last two years, but this third season is off to a bad start.

    Always Sunny: B. Solid, although not as good as last week (It would be very hard to top last week, admittedly). The dead dog casket scene was very funny.

    The Office: B-. I do like Andy as a boss. I think I’m liking this season of The Office better than the last couple years, which I would not have predicted. Other than Andy, however, it’s the same characters wearing down their charm increasingly thin.

    Parks and Rec: B+. Really hitting its stride. The birth certificate controversy was amusing. But in the episode, the Pawnee “Birthers” were…correct? So if Leslie really was born in Eagleton, is Parks and Rec saying Obama really was born in Kenya only it doesn’t matter? Am I reading too much into this? The answer to all these questions is yes.

    • I was also disappointed in Community. It is my favorite show, in many ways because I felt that it came/comes with a lot more JOKES than other shows. Now, they’re focusing on trying to create interesting character studies and, eh…Also, Mr. Harmon, if you’re reading this, what did Donald Glover do to receive so few lines this season? I’ll take my answer off the air.

      Also, that Dan Castellaneta character on parks and rec. That’s really good for me.

      • as for glover getting “fewer lines”….
        1) it’s only been 3 episodes.

        2) he’s had some great ones! like the episode capper last night “and what about his baby?!”

        3) i tend to like it when certain very funny characters are only sparsed out every now and again…like Creed on the Office. if they overuse people they turn into Kenneth on 30 Rock and nobody wants that. have some patience!

        • well said explainer guy. Well said. I think they’ve done a nice job of that sparsing out with dean pelton (even thoug he wasn’t in the last episode!) but I still wish there was more Troy. None taken.

        • Not to forget: I need to catch up on Breaking Bad, so… and of course last week’s BOUTROS BOUTROS GHALI !? Even Britta and Shirley got a few good lines this season.

          It’s never a problem for Community with the non-sequiters, it’s story arcs. Because all the characters are so cartoonish, it feels weird if you wan to make them feel reel. That works if you juxtapose it against a broad concept like paintball or Pulp Fiction or Rashomon, but when the story gets too real that clashes. The crazier the show gets, the better it works.

      • I’m not sure what’s happening with Community. I think their vision is to do a different sort of theme every season. Last year’s was self-contained hijinks (per Abed) and I guess this year is to explore the group dynamic more? Except I think they’re stretching it too far, or exaggerating everyone’s quirks to make them more obvious in a way that is annoying to viewers? I don’t know. I think they need to get back into the nitty gritty jokes.

        • I have a theory on this. Remember when they did the big opening number in the first ep saying that the show was going to be totally different? My guess is that they were getting notes from some executives that they did need to be different to survive so that whole thing was created to placate whomever. Then because of that the show got back to weird and awesome. And I think I really liked last week… or at least a couple jokes from last week, but the Chang/Brita thing was annoying. And once again the b-plot with Chang made this episode annoying, though it had really good jokes within the joke that these people don’t really hang out with anyone else.

          So this is my theory… in order for them to do great inside joke stuff like breaking up with someone so you can catch up on Breaking Bad or having Omar as the prison-educated Biology prof or other pieces of abstract goodness, they have to do broader unfunny jokes to appeal to people who are confused by a sitcom about television. And odds are those people are watching because they loved the Hangover and Hangover II: Hangoverer so they’re putting in more Chang. But they’re making it an homage to random other things so it still stays in the general format.

    • i thought it was once of Community’s funniest episodes. OFFENSE TAKEN!

    • I think were all a little worried about Community (as much as anyone can be worried about a prime time network comedy). I think we just need to have faith that the episodes will get better as the season goes on, as they did in the past two seasons. Of course, it may lose all steam completely, in which case we can all look forward to A DANE COOK NBC COMEDY LOLOLOLOLOLOL(collapses dead).

    • I didn’t really like this episode either, even though I thought the last one was great. Focussing on the character relations in the study group felt strained and even though there were a couple of nice jokes this episode, I wasn’t really feeling it. That last episode was much better as every says it was, though. I still keep laughing at the Earth-2 beats.

      The League was pretty great, the Shiva Bowl Shuffle video was one of the best cold opens ever. Them putting Andre down was too much and uncalled for, but as a set up to the porn scenario I get it and it was nice to see the karmic payback. The banter and smack talk are what will always keep me coming back to The League.

    • i tend to like the more rapid-fire pacing of jokes that tends to happen in the group scenes more than the conceptual episodes that go for a big finish.

      the joke,joke,joke, joke clip keeps you laughing that you almost immediately forget what you were laughing at b/c something else comes along right away, whereas the big-finish ones, you kind of get the joke and then it’s dragged out for another 4 to 5 minutes – or an entire episode.

      its those aspects that I think make Community stand out from your average fare, and like it did for Arrested Development, it will make the humor last on in repeat viewings.

      if they can make you laugh that much over trying to find out who stole a pen, or who should be who’s science partner, that is some damn fine writing!

  2. Who is Seth Rogan? And does he hang out with Joe Rogen very often?

  3. The cold open to Always Sunny – I rewound and watched Sweet Dee deliver that “Eat a Dick” line at least 10 times.

    Also: does “Rewind” mean anything anymore? Fast Forward we can keep, but don’t we need a new word, like “Reversetimeicize”? “Fast backwards”?

  4. man. Community was the funniest episode since the pen episode last season. for Abed’s reaction shots alone. so good.

    and my god did the Office kill it! Kevin and Erin cracked me up and so did K-Strass [i hope they keep him around]

    Parks & Rec was ok…and Always Sunny reminded me a lot of last season [which i did not care for].

  5. Again, I have to give it up for Sweet Genius. That show is straight up wonderful and fun.

  6. “Just talk about nerd stuff”
    “Actually nerd culture has become mainstream, so when you use it as a pejorative, you’re the one who’s outside the zeitgeist”
    “Perfect, just like that”

  7. They’re making a sequel… I’m assuming with the same alternate timeline. But if J.J. Abrams and company expect us to believe that it’s Spock with the romantic tension with Uhura and not Kirk… Well, let’s just say, the message boards are goin’ nuts.”

  8. After the Cougarton Abbey/Inspector Spacetime gag a couple weeks ago I watched a whole ep of Community for the first time…I was terribly disappointed. Everyone was just mean and unfunny?

    I also loved Leslie’s waffle speech, and Leslie and Ben looking at each other, and Ron’s face after April called him Lester.

  9. I thought Parks and Rec was great last night. Any episode that has a plot line with April and Ron together always makes me laugh. And you’re totally right, “Is she going to powder her vagina?” Ha! Awesome. And god, I just love Leslie Knope so much. “I wonder who else was born in Eagleton. Voldemort, probably.” Lolz! So many lolz!

    And I was really excited about The League. I didn’t get to see much of last season, but I loved season 1, and I thought last night’s was pretty funny. “Andre! You became a high school music teacher!”

    Community has been pretty much a disappointment for me. I really liked season 1, and there were some great moments in season 2 for sure. I want so badly to really, really love it, but this season is not helping.

  10. I loved Erin telling Kevin to “Drop it. I really like it, but they hate it.”

  11. I’ve got to say that I really think it’s appropriate that one of today’s sponsors is BNL.

  12. As a person named Lester, my heart went aflutter when April disdainfully said my name. How do I make that a ringtone?

    Extra credit: How do I make that a ring tone for a phone that can’t handle audio files?

  13. Dee – Vespa. Win.

  14. Loved last night’s Sunny. So many great lines. “Eat a dick” of course. Mac’s “Goddammit! I don’t know how to express myself unless through anger and personal attack!”. “Pickles will prevail!” “And Puss”. Also, Charlie mimicking Mac’s stances with Mac exclaiming “Stop standing like me!” was a great moment.

  15. Again, no offense.

  16. So I watched Whitney last night because I wasn’t quite done with my wine and we have rabbit ears and a digital box converter thing and only get 3 stations, so choices were limited (also, i’m lazy, and was sort of drunk) and I can honestly say that I have NEVER been so baffled by a show. Has anyone else watched even 2 minutes of it? I’m assuming no, because no one hates their eyes that much, but I would really love someone, just one person, with whom to discuss how completely fucking terrible it is.

    • I hear, next season, she’s moving to India.

    • i’ll join in. i also have an antenna and it’s too much of a pain to change the channel after the office, so i’ve been leaving whitney on while i do dishes. i have no words. basically the worst show ever. unfunny, stale jokes based on outdated stereotypes, terrible acting, laugh track, etc.

      i feel that after assaulting my eyes with the terrible ad campaign this summer, they should have the decency to leave my brain alone.

  17. Did anyone else feel like Todd was Norm Macdonald’s cousin?

  18. Question: Where is The Office’s Gabe? Zach Woods could easily become a standout player on the show. Right now they seem to be giving way too much screen time to Kevin and Darryl, and as a consequence the show weirdly see-saws between risibly broad and boringly deadpan.

  19. I NEED a gif of Ron playing the wooden recorder! PLEASE!

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