This week’s movie trailers are generally pretty good! The Young Adult trailer was released yesterday, I’m not sure if you watched it then, but that’s exciting. There is one REALLY BORING trailer, though, and I’ll give you a hint that it rhymes with Bore Morse, so you may want to brace yourselves for that. But most of the trailers are at least good attempts. Not a lot of bad things to say. Watch them now!

Young Adult

I’m definitely looking forward to this Jason Reitman/Diablo Cody movie. I generally like the things they do. Meaning that I generally like the things Jason Reitman does, including Juno. I know Gabe hated it. I KNOW. But I liked it a lot so who even cares, we’re different people, we can think different things about Juno. This trailer doesn’t do a whole lot to excite me, unfortunately. If I didn’t know anything else about the movie I would’ve thought it looked kind of mediocre, except for the beginning bit at the hotel. But I still have high hopes!

My Week With Marilyn

Ehhh. I know it’s A THING that no one is good at portraying Marilyn Monroe, but I would say that thing definitely applies to this. I’m not really buying it or having any desire to buy it. I do love Michelle Williams and I think she looks adorable here, but it’s a little too subdued and a bit too far removed from the subject to make me excited about it, really. Unfortunately.


This looks good! Certainly #teenagerproblems to an extent, but it seems genuine and a little clever and not too annoying. I’d see it. Also Andrew Bird doing the soundtrack sounds great.

War Horse

More like BORE HORSE. Unfortunately I wrote that as a joke before I even watched the trailer, but now after watching the trailer my real opinion about this movie is “More like bore horse.” Not for me. It looks very nice and the score sounds like a classic Hollywood score, but holy moly. I feel like this is a movie I’d be dragged to when an aunt was babysitting me as a child, because she was kind of interested in it and thought it would be a good movie to take a kid to, but a Jonathan Taylor Thomas movie was playing at the same time and all I wanted to see was the Jonathan Taylor Thomas movie, and just knowing that it was playing mere feet away made watching THIS movie so much more boring that it would have already been. That’s what this movie feels like to me. War Horse.

The Raven

I want to see this! I can’t wait until it’s cold outside and we can all go to a movie theater and get a hot chocolate and sneak alcohol in the theater and put it in the hot chocolate and watch this movie. Even if it’s not that good, and I’m a little sure it will be at least borderline not that good because it’s a period thriller starring John Cusack with a goatee, I think it will certainly be fun. Good enough job, The Raven.

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  1. i just really hope hollywood does more remakes and less of this original confusing stuff

  2. That’s so the Raven

  3. My Week With (Not As Kelly! I would like to see that movie though) Marilyn is pretty much Me and Orson Welles right? Not that I mind since Me and Orson Welles was a good movie

  4. Ah, it looks like Norman was filmed in Spoakne which is a town I used to live in which means I am exciiiiiited.

  5. Wait, so does the boy join the army to be with his horse again? Do you think the horse will die so he can become a man? See, he’s Harry, the horse is Dumbledore and WWI is Voldermort.

    Also, the Raven was looking super fun till I saw it was by the same dude as V for Vendetta so now I’m pretty sure the bad guy is V for Vendetta. Or the main detective. SPOILED WITH GUESSING.

  6. “Let’s cash in this whole Sherlock Holmes thing and put a goatee on John Cusack and yeah great idea!!!” Ugh.

    Also I love that apparently by not getting married and not having kids means you’re pathetic and not a grown up yet; my mortgage and job beg to differ.

    I can’t remember the last time I wanted to see a movie. Typical Hollywood movies truly are the worst.

  7. In Gabe’s defense, Juno just looks really bad when you play it on a black iPhone

  8. What I want to know is how John Cusack got the role of Edgar Allan Poe over Johnny Depp.

  9. “The girl knows Monty Python.” – Norman, from the movie “Norman”.

  10. kelly? eewww? hot chocolate and alcohol?

  11. I saw the War Horse trailer in the theater, and maybe I’m lame and like animals too much, but I almost starting BAWLING. I can’t see it based on the fact that I may have a human reaction to it.

  12. hollywood mathematics 101:

    seabiscuit + saving private ryan = war horse

    garden state + gross point blank – violence = young adult

    me & orson welles + notting hill = my week with marilyn

    juno + terri = norman

    basic instinct – 100 years = the raven

  13. OMN! (Oh My Norman). I think and know i am definitely seeing this movie. Dan Byrd from COUGARTOWN! Emily Van Camp from EVERWOOD! Two very good shows! Plus #teenproblems are my favorite problems because you know they are going to be fixed because of growing up.

  14. Mira Sorvino was amazing as Marilyn in “Norma Jean and Marilyn”

  15. Ugh, movies are all so boring. I don’t have the attention span for this! The only time I will watch a movie is if I can put english subtitles on and then fast forward at 1x speed and read the movie.

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