• The League comes back tonight! Let’s get ready for it (we need to be READY) with some The League mulitpanes. -Uproxx
  • Speaking of The League, did you all enter the Nick Kroll DVD contest? You should! -Videogum
  • Bryan Cranston was on Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast today, talking about his earlier, more comedic roles. Remember when he was a comedic actor? Remember when he was Malcom’s dad? And now he maybe SPOILER ALERT’ed a SPOILER ALRT? -GotchaMedia
  • Speaking of Breaking Bad, here’s an interview with Dean Norris! -AV Club
  • Mindy Kaling wrote something about how we need men rather than boys, LADIES! -Glamour
  • Speaking of boys (very good uses of “speaking of,” all around) Celebuzz wants to know who your dream British boyfriend is. Mine is all of them. -Celebuzz
  • A squirrel did a sports thing. Go Phillieeeessssssssssssss! -TheDailyWhat
  • A few images from one of the thirteen million new Snow White movies were released today. Check them out! Which one will you be for Halloween do you think? -FilmDrunk
  • Hank Williams Jr. says he quit his spot during Monday Night Football, but ESPN says they fired him. WHOM DO YOU BELIEVE? A very tough call jk. -TheSuperficial
  • Apparently Blake Lively is the one who broke up with Leonardo DiCaprio. Duh, Leo. Didn’t you see what she did to Dan and Nate? You cannot trust her. -Dlisted
  • Movieline asks, Can Dane Cook be taken seriously as a dramatic actor? I answer, No, next question. -Movieline
  • In case you have ever wondered why celebrity “daddy issues” never disappear, which I assume is the ONLY thing you’ve ever been wondering, well. -Salon
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  1. Celebuzz, that list is the silliest list. No British Boyfriend list is complete without having James McAvoy listed at least four times. Everyone knows that, Celebuzz. Everyone.

  2. Small animals are really trying to break their way into MLB this year.

  3. Could you please stop reading my brain? Because I was AGAIN going to post the very same thing as you almost word for word for the second time this week… I could watch James McAvoy hit on women in a 60s pub citing genetic lingo for the rest of my life and be totally happy.

    They also forgot about Clive Owen, but I assume because they know he’s mine all mine.

  4. My all time BB is Michael Caine…wuldnchya know?

  5. Speaking of Malcolm in the Middle, the entire show has been added to netflix instant.

    I remember enjoying it, but i was a lot younger and that was a long time ago.

  6. I’m posting at 11:08PM, because Kelly puts too much work into the afternoon links to get only five comments.

    And certainly a quality grounds crew could have had those squirrels cleared out by now. My spidey sense tells me those are being released on purpose, to help the Phillies. Those are not free-range squirrels. Those are strategic squirrels.

    And now, I have my new band name.

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