I don’t know about you, mainly because I am just typing on a screen and am not talking to an actual person, but I have a very hard time acting like I like gifts when the person who gave me the gift is looking at me open the gift. Even if I LOVE whatever the gift is, there is always so much pressure to act like I like it that I generally tend to only seem like I absolutely hate it, whatever it is. I am very envious of people who aren’t like this. HOW DO THEY DO IT? They should all be actors, just based on how they’re able to act like how they’re actually feeling. The girl in this video is included in that group. She even says, “How did you know I wanted this? How did you know!?” and only slightly sounds like she’s BSing. And she’s certainly is not, I don’t think, because she is a six-year-old. But then she goes from being a very good gift receiver to being not only the best gift receiver on Earth, but also the best child on Earth oh my goodness TAKE A LOOK.

Oooooohhhh my goodness. I’m sorry that ALL of you are crying now, and all of you had to excuse yourselves to the bathroom and then stay in there for longer than you thought because you couldn’t stop crying, and you ruined your shirt and all your makeup and now everyone’s going to think something is actually wrong with you, but no one will want to say anything to you about it so you’ll just be the topic of a bunch of private conversations. I’M SORRY! But it was worth it though, right? Pretty cute, huh? Hahah, remember when she got the Oreos and was so excited about them? My gosh. This gal! (Thanks for the tip, Funtastik!)

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  1. This is exactly how I react when I receive gifts, except I sneer and make sarcastic comments because I don’t deserve gifts.

  2. Your move, Werttrew’s avatar

  3. It’s cute but I feel bad for her having no privacy when she was so overwhelmed.

  4. If that girl was really smart she would have said Euro Disney. The lines are shorter, AND it includes a trip to Europe.

    Man, babies are so dumb sometimes.

  5. This little girl is great and is obviously genuinely ecstatic, but Kelly, you are wrong when you say that six-year-olds can’t BS. Lying is one of the first thing that children learn to do and if I had the time or determination, I would provide the science facts to support this claim. People are pretty much terrible from the get-go.

  6. Goddamnit, Kelly. Now I have to tell my coworkers that I’ve got something in my eye.

  7. We did the stealth Disneyworld trip when Kelly was a little monster. To explain the suitcases I told the kids we were going to Hershey Park. I woke Kelly’s little brother very early that day by saying “Wake up! We’re going on an airplane to Disneyworld right now!” He was furious that Hershey Park was off.

  8. True gratitude is laughing until you vomit.

  9. So why is it that when I make little girls cry and then demand that they do a “happy dance” in front of a camera, everyone thinks it’s creepy and wrong?

  10. Haha oh man, only 12 comments so far but everyone’s a winner! Each one got a well deserved LOL. Congratulations to everyone who came out today!

  11. I’ve been watching Disney Surprise videos for like two hours now. Can’t get enough! They’re all so good! WWAAHHH.

  12. Oh, wow, this post had so many heart-warming surprises in it! I’m sure we’re all laughing and crying and doing happy dances right now. Let’s all go out to dinner later and then have a group hug, okay, Kelly’s mom?

  13. I watched this with no sound and still teared up a bit.

  14. I wish I loved anything that much. Though quite frankly, I would have been satisfied with the Oreos.

  15. GOING 8 DAYS and tbh i did cry watching this video. #imold

  16. watched it 5 times now, cried every time. Also the reveal of the baby at the end, she’s probably been second fiddling it for a while now and being 6 years old she was probably too old to be crazy openly jealous and yes I know I’m such a big girl, mom. D’awwww

  17. I can’t be the only person who looks at this and thinks “Christ the indoctrination is incessant, isn’t it.” Normally I’d think this was viral marketing but they’re slicker than this…

    My disdain for our culture only grows when self-identity through brand-identity is so strong that an honest-to-god home movie about a birthday treat has become a giant inadvertent ad exclusively featuring Disney products… and Oreos. And my guess is that she’ll grow up to have a giant princess wedding with a Disney branded dress or think she’s a failure as a human because she hasn’t found her Prince or can’t afford that wedding because companies like Disney or the now untouchable Apple outsource ridiculous amounts of their workforce to countries like China to skirt regulated labor laws or, at higher levels, contract skilled workers so they don’t have to give them benefits… Though technically Disney can only contract you for (I think) 18 months before they make you a “cast member” and are forced to give you health insurance and other benefits. So they often will lay you off just before this happens and rehire you a month later for the same job. Though this didn’t happen to me, it has happened to many, many people I know. Of course by the time this girl is my age, benefits will sound like some insane old person story like how I felt when my grandfather would talk about pensions.

    How many of us were bitching about our crap health care (if we can even get it) a few weeks ago… Well one of the ways we can try to get it back is to not fawn over or financially support companies that can afford to pay their workers real benefits but use every loophole in the system to get out of it. And sure they usually make a great company to work for list at some point in the year… but that’s because they’re only counting the people considered employees. There are vast numbers of uninsured and unbenefited (or ones that get crap insurance and crap benefits through a temp agency) that are putting in 40+ hours a week at the Mouse that literally are not considered in the bs round ups by Forbes or whatever because they are considered employees of Aquent or AppleOne or Manpower who happen to work in the Disney building. And that’s in the United States. I’m not even getting into the overseas child labor that created all of the presents in the video.

    Not to mention all the crap she got is plastic, will never go back into the Earth and will end up in a landfill or floating around in the ocean in a matter of months or years. And I hope to GOD that family isn’t paying for that trip or those products with the Disney points credit card that has a 25 percent interest rate (last time I checked) and is especially marketed to lower-income families because it comes with SPECIAL FUN POINTS that do absolutely nothing value-wise but put many, many people into debt.

    Society is crumbling and the Earth is rotting it’s really putting me in a pissy mood. And businesses like Disney and Apple are so goddamn loved and are just as evil as the standard protest targets (oil, HMOs, pharma, whatever) for the very same reasons.

    I’d apologize for the rant but this is so not cute in the scheme of things. The girl is very cute but all actions surrounding this are not. Go to a National Park, family in the video, because there’s real legislation to start dismantling them and selling them off for parts. Put down the sugar snacks and enjoy a world that isn’t totally artificially created. Plus the odds of a public proposal go down significantly in nature… you might even see a cute one happening that isn’t demanding attention. Or don’t. I don’t care. I don’t even think it matters anymore.

    I’m going to go back in my spreadsheet shed spreadsheet now.

  18. long time reader, first time commenter.

    you may ask why dubz? [if that is your real rap name!??! (it is.)] why now choose to stop lurking?

    i wanted to share with my fellow monsters finally my story, as a child i was that little girl, i literally pee’d myself from my excitement. continually through the trip, i pee’d myself at least 5 times that weekend because i was finally in disney world. i was home.

    then 15 years later i packed up the minimal contents of my basement apartment and headed to orlando to work for a anthropomorphic rodent to try and return the favor. i had to move to a state that i swore never to enter again for fear of being eaten by an alligator or contracting a venereal disease, or just as likely to contract a venereal disease from an alligator. i lived in a shitty, insect infested apartment with 5 other girls, most of whom may not have been mentally stable. i worked 50 hour weeks making minimum wage standing around in a disgusting polyester, epulated, pleated “costume” in the florida sun.

    and it was still the best time ever because i made magic. although maybe about 40% of the children were genuinely grateful for the expense their parents went through to get them there, or the fact that grown adults acted like complete assholes for their happiness, it was still an overwhelming number.

    those damn kids melted my ice cold heart and all i did was high five them wearing disgusting disease ridden rodent gloves and hand them cheap old stickers.

    sorry for the rant, but as a “castmember”,and this could get me “terminated”, the one happy little girl in the sea of aggrivated parents and ungrateful rugrats (shout out ^^) made it all worth it.

    sorry again, won’t happy again, just very passionate.

    • ** i lived in a shitty, insect infested apartment with 5 other girls, most of whom may not have been mentally stable**

      I don’t think you realize how hot this sounds.

      • if you mean in the ability to profit on this by videotaping it and selling it to a reality television production company, or for a more lucrative contract with a porn site, that was never lost upon me.

        even when being sincere about our ability to pay for our college educations on our own, the five tarts never appreciated this golden oppurtunity.

        so yes, i “realize how hot this sounds”.

  19. For a lot of reasons: good luck, future boyfriends!

  20. This is cute. I like how she was like “it’s my birthday today?!” I don’t like how she was like, let’s go right now, but they have to wait till daddy gets home from work. Booo!

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