I have never heard of stick bombs in my life, but holy moly, STICK BOMBS LOOK GREAT! I’m almost positive that I will never be able to pull off making one of these, it seems like it will be much to complicated for me, but there is no way I’m NOT begging someone to set one up and set it off around me for some major event in my life. Actually, if the person who asks me to marry them (after blindfolding me and taking me to this event) DOESN’T set off a stick bomb first, I’m going to have to seriously think about my response for a few days. “How can I marry you if you don’t even know me well enough to set off a stick bomb first?” That will be a tough decision. But then, on the flip side of that, even if it’s someone I don’t even like at all and they propose after setting off a stick bomb I guess I’ll have to accept? They at least knew enough to do the stick bomb. Life is very difficult.

Ahhhhh! I could watch this over and over again all night. Has anyone ever done this? Was it difficult? More importantly, was it frustrating? If you were someone who gets frustrated, like, ODDLY easily, and someone who gives up on things almost immediately, do you think you could pull off setting up a stick bomb? Will you just make one for me? (Via HYST.)

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  1. so this is what it’s like to have a kid with severe OCD? very cool. looking forward to it!

  2. NO WAY!!! Oh I’m gonna be so busy from now until next monday! Gotta buy some markers too make them colorful otherwise it’s not the same experience

  3. Wow, how did they get it to go in reverse at the end?

  4. I just googled how to make a stick bomb, does that put me on some kind of list?

  5. Oh man. I get tired and bored just thinking about setting that thing up. But I think I would really appreciate it if some friends put one together and then invited me over to drink beer and set it off.

    • ”Drink beer and set it off” is my motto. If by ‘beer’ you mean ‘tea’ and by ‘set it off’ you mean ‘read a Raymond Chandler novel and fall asleep on the couch with my head next to my dog’s ass.’

  6. The headache you would get from all that noise would only be matched by the ice cream headache you would get from eating all those popsicles.

  7. This is da bomb!

  8. I am scared for Birdie in her War Against Sticks now.

  9. Awe-tistic!

  10. Difficult and/or frustrating? I think “Kinetic King” has a few other adjectives to describe it:


  11. I’m pretty sure I’d give up right after I finished eating all the popsicles to get the sticks. (Because why buy sticks without popsicles on them?)

  12. Obviously SOMEBODY doesn’t watch America’s Got Talent*

    *unfortunately that somebody isn’t me.

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