• Want to play a depressing game? Guess which celebrity is younger! Here is a hint: They are mostly all younger than you think, and a surprising amount will make you feel terrible about your own age and accomplishments! -Celebuzz
  • Want to read Kirsten Dunst humblebrag about her big boobs? “Oooh, it’s soo terrible having THE BIGGEST boobs. You couldn’t even imagine.” – Kirsten Dunst, basically. -FilmDrunk
  • Awww, check out this dumb little baby flower girl. You’re so dumb, baby! That’s where the flowers are supposed to go! -TheDailyWhat
  • Sean Young would like you to hire her and would also like you to know that she is NOT crazy. -Dlisted
  • Here is a great interview with Jonathan Banks (Breaking Bad‘s Mike) in which he talks about past roles he’s had. Read it!! -AV Club
  • Chris Pratt gave his cat up for adoption via Twitter and lots of cat people were piiiiiiisssssed (puuurrrrrrsssed). Here is his response. -Movieline
  • Salon makes the case for NOT bringing Arrested Development back. -Salon
  • Blake Lively is single, FELLAS! Also, ladies, are you watching Gossip Girl? Can you even believe that B is still P? -TheSuperficial
  • Oooh, also, fellas, check out these Mad Men “vintage Playboy covers.” Quick! Hide your computers under your beds! -BuzzFeed
  • Could Kristen Wiig be leaving SNL after this season? Man I hope not! As a side note, do you think I should be Gilly for Halloween? -HuffingtonPost
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    1. I think we should all go as Chester A. Arthur for Halloween.

      Sexy Chester A. Arthurs.

    2. The SNL well has run dry for Ms. Wiig. Go forth and prosper in the cinema. I think Vanessa Bayer will be a fine replacement with time.

    3. Kirsten Dunst has big boobs? Really? (someone had to say it)

      • And she says, talking about “Antichrist,” : “somehow, it’s easier to watch (a person with smaller boobs mutilate herself on film)?????” What the hell is she even TALKING about!?!? What the hell does that even have to do with anything?

        • Nah, she’s right. Hollywood has a hard-on for waifs in trauma. Mad Men aside, women with big racks don’t really get the same parts. I guess because some people find them too distracting, can’t equate grief with a boner?

    4. Of course you should go as Gilly for Halloween! Is that even a question?

    5. It’s about time Boobs Legsley got her hands off my man! Leo, call me!

      And, yes…absolutely we have been watching Gossip Girl! I cannot believe this B is P nonsense! Who do you think the father is?!

    6. Wait a minute…since when is Kirsten Dunst stacked? That is shocking news.

    7. I kind of don’t know what people wanted from Chris Pratt? He gave the cat to someone who could take care of it, he didn’t throw it in the river.

      • I don’t know much about what happened? But I guess as a Humane Society volunteer (humble brag), I kind of get how someone might get upset? Like maybe the cat-human bond won’t be good enough or maybe the person he gave it to isn’t serious about owning a pet, and the cat will just end up homeless again. You never know. He could’ve easily relinquished a cat to a humane society… twitter seems kind of lazy.

        • What? How the hell is giving the cat to the Humane Society, who are over burdened with the animals the *currently* have better than giving it to a person who wants it? Surely you know the odds of an old sick cat getting adopted? Like, almost zero?

        • There’s no guarantee the cat-human bond would we good with someone who adopted the cat from the Humane Society, either. If anyone bothered to adopt the cat, that is. It seems like an uphill battle to get most people to even stop buying pets from stores and breeders, let alone adopt a sick, elderly cat who can’t control his pooping and peeing. (to be clear, I am all about pet adoption and think the HSUS is great and pet stores make me want to vomit.)

      • It’s a 15 year old cat that’s clearly sick, and he and Anna Faris gave it away because she’s ‘pre pregnant.’

        The last year(s) of that cat’s life? Probably going to be peeing under a bed in a strange new place. Hopefully Pratt’s at least paying for food and medicine (and to put the hting down when the new owner’s had enough).

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