It’s tough putting together the top ten animal videos every week. There are just so many options, like pretty much thirty million options, and they’re almost ALL incredibly good. Dog eating something weird? Perfect. Cat doing something stupid? Can’t get enough of it, keep it coming. Random animal just EXISTING? All instant classics, and all difficult to place in a one-to-ten list. Did you guys ever make lists of your top ten favorite bands and favorite movies and favorite books when you were bored in school? Or how about, did you ever write out the alphabet from A to Z and see if you could fill in a band or movie for every single letter? That’s what this is like. SO MUCH FUN, but also difficult and heartbreaking. (With the A to Z one it’s heartbreaking because what if you like two bands that start with the same letter?) Anyway, the suspense is absolutely killing you so without further ado, here are your top ten animal videos of the week.

10. Ice Cream Rat

9. Corgi Rodeo

8. Girl And Dog Go Down Slide

7. Peanut Butter Eating Squirrel In A Jar

6. Kitten Crunches

5. Dogs Eat Lettuce

4. Planking Cat

3. Sleepy Butt Dog

2. Hamster Vacuum

1. Otter-Looking Seal Loves Back Rub

AND THE OTTER(-LOOKING SEAL) LOVES BACK RUB VIDEO TAKES THE WIN! Wooooooo, ahhhhhhh, OOOTTERRRRR! Because the judges (me) are human, it is possible that the judges (me) have a slight bias towards otters because they used to be the judges’ (my) favorite animal as a child, and they have since grown out of that favorite position not because they are any less cute but just because the judges (me) don’t really have a “favorite animal” anymore because the judges (me) are trying very hard to be a grown up. But also that is just one heck of a good video. It’s unfortunate for the Kitten Crunches that her video is maybe a little to close to this old favorite, though it’s ALSO possible that it is the love of that old favorite that allowed the kitten on the list. So maybe let’s not look a gift kitten in the mouth, Kitten Crunches Video. Hamster Vacuum lost out to otters only by a very small margin, so it should be proud of itself. And although human planking is far past unbearable, Cat Planking is still very much bearable. Congratulations to all of our winners!

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  1. I wonder, did anyone check to see if planking cat has a ….ummmm….pulse?


  3. It’s kind of embarrassing to watch the strategies one devises for eating rice when chopsticks remain beyond the skill set.

  4. I am very jealous of the people petting that baby otter.

  5. My dog would be even more excited about a squirrel covered in peanut butter than she is about regular squirrels. And I’m now on the hunt for a rodeo costume for my dog because that was great.

    Also I can’t believe those dogs are eating lettuce because Sassy will just leave any leafy greens we offer her lying on the floor. Not interested.

  6. I think those girls were so excited about petting a baby otter that they didn’t realize it was a baby seal.

  7. I was on board with that rat being adorable but then there were TWO. One rat is okay, two rats makes me uncomfortable.

  8. Is it me or are the Asian populations very well represented in the adorable animal videos?

    Time to step up our game AMERICA!

  9. That’s not lettuce, it’s cabbage. We all know that human cabbage farts are pretty noxious but (trust) canine cabbage farts are incredibly, indescribably, exponentially worse. Those adorable shiba inus asphyxiated their people in the night.

  10. Can I just tell you guys a sad story about dogs and slides? I have a cute dog. And, when she was a puppy, we could get her to go down small, straight slides — like, you, know, four foot high ones. It was adorable.

    Then one day we were on vacation and drunk and in a park, and we tricked her into going down a twisty slide like this one. She went ass over teakettle and hated it.

    Now she won’t go down ANY slide, ever. The cuteness is no more. Because you just can’t trust mommy and daddy.

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