I can’t even believe how much cooler this princess is than I am. First of all, she’s a princess. (And not a pregnant princess if you know what I mean! #gossipgirl #blair) Second of all, she has a friend who knows her place. Third of all, she’s British. And finally, she knows every single word of “Superbass” and when she sings the chorus she is surprisingly good. I only know most of the words of the Nicki Minaj verse in “Monster,” which is NOT that impressive. Pretty much everyone knows most of the words of the Nicki Minaj verse in “Monster.” Ugh. Shown up big time by a tiny princess, story of my life. (Thanks for the tip, Werttrew.)

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  1. So now there’s at least one good Nick Minaj out there.

  2. Not as moving as Maude Apatow singing Memory but alright.

  3. You go, Highness!


  5. Don’t worry Kelly, this story will get a lot sadder when we find out she’s just a funny looking 20 year old.

    (i have a fever and they make me weird)

  6. Who is Nicki Minaj? Asking for my grandfather.

  7. After watching this I looked up the real song, having never heard it. The princess wins, hands down. Rapping with an English accent is so much cooler.

  8. I think my reaction would be summed up the best in gif format:

  9. Hooray for a Gossip Girl shout out!

  10. Ugggh, I wish I could have a British kid somehow. Without having to actually give birth to one and stay in England for five years?

  11. I’m just going to be completely REAL right now and admit that not only do I have a deep and unending love for nicki, this is also my favorite song in the whole wide world right now. As in I engage in unabashed windows-down really embarassing loud singing and theatrics whenever it comes on.

    and this kid just NAILS IT.

    • A friend was explaining Spotify to me and said “Am I going to buy Nicki Minaj’s Superbass? No. Am I going to download it? No. Am I going to listen to it on repeat over and over for 6 hours? Hell YES I am. And that’s why you should get Spotify”

      I thought it was a better description of Nicki Minaj than of Spotify.

  12. Thank God YouTube didn’t exist when I was young, otherwise this would be a nine year old me doing Nelly’s “Ride Wit Me,” which, although I knew all the words, would be terribly embarrassing because then everyone would see me as a nine year old boy dressed as a princess.

  13. she is very cute, but she is skipping like half the words.

    • Yes. My inner Dance Mom noticed this as well. (As did my outer Dance Mom, if my sequined muumuu and Kate Gosselin backwards-mullet are anything to go by.)

  14. Guys, I think I should listen to the real version of this song because it sounds fun!

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